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How to Freeze Apples

How to Freeze Apples

Frozen apples can be used in many types of apple recipes. This article gives an insight into how apples can be frozen for later consumption.
Maya Pillai
One of the fruits enjoyed as a snack, by children and adults, is an apple. It has approximately seven thousand varieties. Its origin is in Kazakhstan. Its many varieties are available throughout the year. The ones that are seasonal can be frozen for later consumption.

Apples can be used in various delicious recipes, such as crumble, pie, and so on. Cider made from it is very popular in the US, and it is one the main drinks that is served at Halloween parties and on Thanksgiving Day. Further, Cider vinegar is made from it too.

It is a fact that an apple will remain good in a cool and dry area, but over a period of time the water content will be lost and the skin will wrinkle. If you have an apple tree growing in you backyard, or if you happen to purchase its large quantities from a nearby original Farmers Market, you can freeze apples. By freezing, the taste is retained to a certain extent.

Steps to Freeze Apples at Home

Selection: Choose good quality apples, which are ripe and naturally sweet. Some of the varieties that you can use for freezing are Fuji, Red Delicious, Gala, Golden Delicious, Honeycrisp, and Pink Lady.

Wash and peel: Wash the apples under a tap. They should be washed well and dried using a hand towel. The quickest way to peel them is by using an apple peeler. If they are over-ripe or mushy, then the peelers may not work well. In such case, use a hand peeler. Remove any brown spots on the apple.

Slicing: The next step is to core and slice the apples. You can use either an apple corer/slicer or an ordinary knife. You have to remove the seeds, stems, and the soft spots present.

Decide the method of freezing: The method of freezing depends on how you intend to use the frozen apples later. There are basically three methods to do so.

Sugar pack: Sugar pack is the method used if the apples are used to make pies. Sugar pack method prevents them from turning brown or having a freezer burn. Make a solution with ½ tsp. ascorbic acid and 3 tsp. water. Pour this over the sliced apples. You would require half cup sugar for every quarter cup of sliced apples. Sprinkle sugar and toss them so that they are well coated.

Syrup pack: You have to make a syrup using sugar and ascorbic acid. For every 3 cups of water you would require 2 cups of sugar. In a thick-bottomed pan make the required quantity of syrup as per the quantity of sliced apples. Syrup pack prevents them from browning.

Dry pack: In this method, wash, peel, and core the apples. Mix them with a solution of ascorbic acid and water. Put them in freezer bags and immediately put the bags away in the freezer. Dry pack apples can be used for any type of cooking.

Packing and freezing: Once the sliced apples are processed, it is time to put them in freezer containers or bags. They should stay good if the freezer temperature is below 25ºF.
The above mentioned methods are easy and quick. Use the one suiting your needs, and you would have your overstock of apples ready for any recipe that calls for them.