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How to Deep Fry Chicken

Sujata Iyer Nov 28, 2018
Everyone loves fried chicken, but not everyone is adept at frying it. Let's learn how to deep fry chicken.
The one food that no one can say no to, is fried chicken. There's something about the crunchy, juicy pieces of fried chicken that is simply irresistable. The best part is that it doesn't take long to come up with deep-fried chicken recipes. All you have to do is fry the chicken after marinating or dusting it a bit and you have a delicious treat ready.
It works as a great appetizer. A whole deep-fried chicken can also be served for the main course. It's a great emergency food and a great option for parties. What else do you need? One single food with so much versatility in its uses and yet so easy to prepare, is definitely one of the all-time favorites. Here are simple instructions on deep frying chicken.

Method 1

The methods to deep fry chicken wings, legs, and breasts are all the same. In fact, you can also get some yummy deep-fried chicken strips using the same method. What is this method? Read ahead to know.
  • First, unpack your chicken. If it's fresh, then you can straight away begin with the process. If it's frozen chicken, it is better to let it thaw out for a while until it is soft.
  • Now, while the chicken thaws, you can get your seasoning ready. Whatever kind of flavor you wish to have in the chicken will work for you. Dust the chicken with this seasoning.
  • Now, take a couple of eggs and beat them thoroughly. Dip the chicken pieces in this.
  • Put some vegetable oil in the pan or fryer and turn it on until it reaches a temperature of 350ยบ F. To check if it is hot enough, put a little of the egg dip in the oil. When it starts to sizzle and move around smoothly, that's when you know that the oil is ready.
  • Now, pick up the chicken pieces from the egg and place them in the fryer or pan.
  • In about 2 minutes, turn the pieces of chicken over one by one and very slowly, to avoid hot oil splashing around.
  • Keep the chicken pieces in the oil for about 5 to 8 minutes.
  • Keep turning them over to see that the piece is getting fried from all sides.
  • You can poke it with a knife or fork to check if it is cooked from the inside.
  • The inside should not be pink. It should be white.
  • Your deep-fried chicken wings/breast/legs are ready!
  • After frying, remove the pieces and place them in a plate with some paper towels in it to absorb the excess oil.
  • You can sprinkle it with some more seasoning if you wish and serve with a salad or any sauce or dip of your choice.

Method 2

There is another method that can be used for deep-fried chicken. It involves the use of a fried chicken batter before the actual frying of the chicken. It can be used for both, whole-fried chicken recipes and also for piece by piece frying.
For a whole chicken, here's what to do:
  • Place the chicken on the table. Slit it from the breast until the thigh.
  • Now, you can either dust the chicken or make a marination sauce using milk, eggs, and spices of your choice.
  • Apply this sauce on the inside and the outside of the chicken properly.
    • You can now follow the same procedure of deep frying mentioned in the previous method.
    • However, you'll have to keep it in the fryer or pan for longer and give the chicken pound wise time to get fried.
    • Around 5 minutes for each pound of chicken will be adequate.
    • If they are pieces, then instead of marinating in the sauce, dip them and then put them in a bag or box of flour and shake it thoroughly so that the flour sticks to all parts of the chicken properly.
    • Then you can continue with the same procedure.
    While learning to deep fry chicken, remember to be careful about the oil that you use. Fresh vegetable oil is an option. Use it for the best results and enjoy your fried chicken.