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How to Cook Scrambled Eggs

Fret Not! Now You'll know How to Cook Scrambled Eggs Perfectly

Scrambled eggs is a popular breakfast dish, which can be prepared easily. Here are some tips to help you out.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Eggs are nutritious, healthy, and delicious. They are rich in proteins, amino acids, and various other nutrients, which are responsible for the health benefits they offer. Another advantage is the n number of recipes, that can be prepared with eggs. Scrambled eggs is one of those recipes, that can be prepared with minimum ingredients, and very little efforts. It can be made in different flavors, by using ingredients of your choice.
Tips to Make Scrambled Eggs
To put it simple, all you have to do is to whisk the eggs, add the ingredients, and cook. However, you must know the right method to make the scrambled eggs perfect.
  • In order to prepare this dish, you need six fresh eggs, six teaspoons of low-fat milk, one tablespoon of butter (for greasing the bowl), one teaspoon chili powder (optional), salt, and black pepper (both as per taste).
  • The next step involves whisking of eggs, which is the most important part of making perfect scrambled eggs. Break the eggs into a large bowl, and add the other ingredients, except butter. Beat them in a tilted wheel motion, wherein the eggs are lifted, while beating. You can do this with a spoon or a fork, or else, an electric blender will also serve the purpose. Don't beat the eggs for more than two minutes. Stop the process, as the eggs turn frothy and evenly colored.
  • Heat butter in a non-sticking frying pan, over medium heat. As the butter is about to melt completely, add the beaten eggs, and tilt the pan, so that the eggs spread evenly.
  • Never stir the eggs immediately. Once the base of the egg mixture starts setting, stir it with a flat wooden spoon or spatula. You have to push the cooked portions to the sides of the pan, so that the runny portions also get cooked. This ensures that all parts are cooked evenly.
  • You may also break large lumps to small portions, using a spatula. Once the eggs are cooked evenly, toss and cook for another 30 seconds.

Your scrambled eggs is ready to serve. You may add salt and pepper after cooking, instead of adding these ingredients at the first stage.
How to Make Scrambled Eggs in a Microwave
You have to put the ingredients (except salt and pepper) in a greased microwave safe bowl. Beat the eggs as per the procedure discussed above. Once you are done with the beating process, you have to place the bowl with the ingredients, in the microwave, and cook for about 40 seconds on high. Remove and stir the mixture, before keeping it back in the microwave. Repeat this after every 30 seconds, till the lumps are cooked well. Once it is cooked, you can add salt, pepper, and other ingredients of your choice.
You can make scrambled eggs in the oven too. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Whisk the eggs, and pour the mixture to a glass baking dish, which contains melted butter. Bake this mixture uncovered for around ten minutes. Remove the baking dish from the oven, and stir the mixture. Once again, bake for another ten minutes, or till the eggs are cooked well. Add the remaining ingredients and serve.