How to Cook Chicken on a Gas Grill

Here's How to Cook Ridiculously Delicious Chicken on a Gas Grill

You surely enjoy the time spent grilling chicken on your charcoal grill. However, the thought of cleaning the it once every one finishes eating may turn down all the excitement. With the introduction of gas grills, grilling chicken has become an easy task. This Buzzle post tells you how.
Grilling is an activity done only on weekends, holidays, and of course, during parties. And why not? It takes time, patience, and a relaxed mind to grill a chicken properly. For the purpose of grilling, you can either choose gas or charcoal grills. Though both these methods can give you delicious chicken, cooking on a gas grill is more convenient. It is an electronic machine where you can control the temperature with the help of switches, and you also do not have to fear the wind extinguishing the flame. Grilling chicken in this manner is easy, but there are certain techniques and precautions that you need to take before you start cooking.

Though there are less chances of the chicken getting burnt on the grill, there may be some isolated episodes, especially if you are a novice to these things. However, with practice, a person can definitely learn how to grill chicken properly. The two important things that you have to take care of is the level of the flame, and the time taken for the meat to cook perfectly.

Grilling Chicken
  1. First thing you have to do is clean the chicken thoroughly. Once you have done this, you have rub seasoning on all sides of the meat. You can add salt, fresh basil, thyme, pepper, rosemary, and cilantro to the chicken.
  2. Heat the grill and coat it with vegetable or olive oil, as per your preference with the help of a stiff wire brush. One very important thing to remember is to keep the flame of the grill on low (230 to 250 degrees F), as a high or medium flame can cause the chicken to get charred.
  3. Place the meat on the grill and constantly turn the chicken every ten minutes. The meat would take at least 30 - 40 minutes to cook completely.
  4. Before taking it out of the grill, you should check the temperature with the help of a cooking thermometer. The ideal internal temperature of a cooked chicken should be around 170 degrees F.
  5. Once the color of the chicken turns golden brown, switch off the grill, and transfer it into a different serving plate.
Indirect Method of Grilling Chicken
Other than the above, another method would be indirect grilling. There are two ways in which one can grill chicken indirectly. One would be by covering the base of the grill (below the grate) with aluminum foil and cooking the chicken on it. The other method is applicable only if your grill has dual burners. What you have to do is, before placing the chicken on the grate, switch on both the burners for some time. Then, switch off one of them and place the chicken on it and leave it to cook. It may take longer for the meat to cook this way, (approximately 10 minutes more). But the chances of it getting charred are reduced to a great degree.

An important thing to remember is that grilled chicken should never be served directly from the grill. After you transfer the chicken into a serving plate, let it rest for 10 - 15 minutes before you cut it into pieces. Otherwise, there is a chance of the chicken turning hard. To enhance the flavor of the chicken, serve it with BBQ sauce.

If you are planning a party at home, be ready with your grill and other grilling equipment, and go ahead to treat your family and friends with some delicious chicken.
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