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How to Debone a Chicken

Step-by-step Instructions on How to Debone a Chicken Yourself

Boning a chicken on your own is more economical than buying boneless chicken from the market. Go through this article for some easy tips to debone a whole chicken.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Apr 12, 2018
All you have is a whole uncut chicken, when the recipe calls for boneless pieces. In such a situation, debone the chicken on your own, rather than rushing to the supermarket for boneless cuts. Removing bones from a whole chicken is not as difficult as you think. In order to debone a chicken, you need a good cutting board and boning knives.

  • First of all, remove the wing tips and keep them aside. They can be used along with the bones for making chicken stock. The drumette can be used after removing the bones.
  • The next step is to remove the legs (both thighs and drumsticks) from the body. You have to make a deep cut through the joint, where the leg meets the body. Now twist and pull the leg so that the thigh bone separates from the socket. Cut off the remaining flesh that binds the leg to the body. Remove the other leg too.
  • Place the chicken leg on the cutting board, with the meaty part facing downwards. Feel the bone with the knife and make a slit on the chicken leg along the length of the bone. Carefully detach the flesh from the bone and keep the bones aside with the wing tips.
  • Place the chicken on the cutting board with the breast side facing upwards. Feel the breastbone with the knife and make two cuts along both the sides of the breastbone. Remove the cartilaginous bone carefully.
  • Guide the knife through the contours of the rib bones and remove the flesh on both sides. You can now detach the whole chicken breast.
  • Turn the chicken, so that its back faces you. You have to carve out the flesh from both sides of the spine in a careful manner. Don't forget to cut out the round piece of flesh called the oyster, which is located behind the hollow of the hip socket in the back.

Retain the bones, as you can use them for making chicken stock. In short, removing bones from a chicken is a simple task. You need to understand the bone structure of the bird, where to cut, and how to cut. Make sure to scrape out the flesh from the bone in a careful manner. Run your hand along the surface of the meat so that you can feel pieces of bone or cartilage stuck with the meat. Remove them before using the chicken pieces for cooking. Once you get a basic understanding of the technique, it will become easier for you. You can also save money, as a whole chicken costs less than the boneless cuts.