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How to Avoid an Instant Pot Explosion While Cooking Chicken

Matt Thompson Dec 03, 2019
The Instant pot is a convenient piece of equipment for people who have less time to cook. Busy people find instant pot as a time saver in their day-to-day schedule. Cooking chicken is one of the most common uses of an instant pot.
Although not common, there are cases of instant pot causing injuries ranging from minor to severe. Even though most instant pots are considered safe to use and rarely cause accidents, there are some safety tips you can follow for avoiding instant pot accidents.

Don’t Fill to the Max Pressure

Most of the people think that filling full pressure makes cooking faster. But this a misconception about the instant pot. Never ever fill to the max pressure, it may cause explosion. Cooking chicken with a lot of ingredients can expand because of high pressure which may result in an explosion of the pot.

Maintain Distance from the Steam

Maintain a safe distance while opening the lid of the pot. The steam may smell good and satisfying but remember the steam is very hot which can burn your face if there is no distance while opening the lid. It is suggested to wear gloves in your hand while opening the lid.

Avoid Deep Fry

A common misconception about instant pot is that it can be used to make fried foods like fried-chicken or fried-rice. Never try to fry anything with the instant pot. Remember if you do so then you are endangering the instant pot as well as yourself. Because this small electric pot cannot handle pressure-fried foods.

Take care of Sealing Ring

The sealing ring of your instant pot is one of the most important parts. You need to take very good care of it to avoid an explosion. Before using the pot you need to clean the ring and inspected for crack or other problems. The gasket which is created by this sealing ring is very important for the safety of pot.

One Cup of Liquid

For creating and maintaining the pressure the instant pot needs at least one cup of liquid. Don’t forget to pour liquid in the instant pot. If you cook any chicken recipes you can pour chicken stock.

Don’t leave the Pot Alone

Some of the recipes may need high pressure to cook properly. You can fill a certain level of high pressure to cook the meal properly. But don’t leave the pot alone when you are using high pressure. Danger can come anytime if you are near the pot. You may find warning signs from the pot, and you can stop the pot when needed.