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Drink Fresh and Fizzy Soda Anytime With This Homemade Soda Recipe

Aastha Dogra Mar 17, 2019
Do you want to know how to make soda at home? Read on for a very simple and easy recipe.
People of our generation are used to drinking cola, like the generation before us used to drink water. With kids and adults, both getting so used to this beverage, shifting to a substitute of cola, which tastes equally good and is healthier, with lesser amount of calories, makes sense.
Making soda at home is the best way to replace cola. It is very simple, as well as economical to make. Its recipe is so easy that even kids can try it out. Given here is a simple recipe, which you can easily try out at home.

Basic Recipe

  • Sugar, 2 ½ cups
  • Yeast, ⅛ tsp.
  • Soda Flavorings (choose one according to your liking, most supermarkets have flavorings in ginger ale, orange, grape, root beer, cola, and cream soda) 1 tbsp.
  • Water, 120 oz.
  • Large Empty Bottles, (preferably of two liters) 68 oz.
  • Large Jug, 1
  • Cup
  • Measuring Spoon, 1
To make this, start with preparing the yeast for carbonation. Warm some water (it should not be more than 110° F) and pour it in a cup. Take a small amount of yeast and dissolve it in the warm water, inside the cup. Make sure that the amount of yeast is neither too less, nor in excess, because in either case, the taste of the beverage can get spoiled.
Also, the water in which it is dissolved should not be too hot or cold, so that the right amount of carbonation can be yielded. Take sugar, the flavoring, dissolved yeast, and mix them together to form a syrup. Now in the large jug, pour this mixture and add all the water to it.
Cover the jug with the lid and shake the contents of the jug for a few minutes, so that the sugar gets completely dissolved. Once the sugar is dissolved, pour the entire mixture in cola bottles. Cap the bottles and let them remain like this for around six days, so that proper carbonation can be yielded.
In between these days, press the bottles from time to time to see that carbonation is not in excess. If the bottles feel very firm, open the cap of the bottle for some time, and then put it on again.
If you want to make low-calorie soda, then you can follow the same recipe, with a small change in the amount of sugar that you put. You can replace half of the sugar with a low-calorie sugar substitute.
It has many benefits, vis-a-vis regular cola. Firstly, if you compare the costs of the two, it is much cheaper than a cola. Secondly, it is healthier, as it is made from natural ingredients. Yeast, which is an important ingredient for this sodas, is very rich in vitamin B complex. And lastly, the amount of sugar can be controlled by you.
In place of sugar, low-calorie sweeteners can also be used, thus, making it very low in calories and much healthier than the regular cola.