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Homemade Salsa Recipes

Homemade Salsa Recipes to Bid Goodbye to the Store-bought Ones

Homemade salsa can spice up any dish naturally. They serve as a great accompaniment for a wide range of snacks.
Kashmira Lad
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Homemade salsa can be fun and easy to make. It is far better than the ones bought at the store, as it consists of ingredients that you have chosen and these obviously would be fresh and without addition of any preservatives. A delicious homemade salsa can be combined with tacos, chips, and many other snacks.
You can use a food processor while preparing the salsa so that the entire process is not messy as it may generally be. Besides, you also need to add your own style to the process so that the recipe can have its own distinct flavor.
Recipe 1
  • Large ripe tomatoes, 4
  • Red onion (chopped into ¼-inch pieces), 1
  • Green Anaheim/New Mexico chilies, 4
  • Salt, 1-2 teaspoons
  • Lime juice, 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic cloves (finely chopped), 1
  • Olive Oil, 2 teaspoons
  • Fresh oregano, 1 sprig
  • Cilantro (stems removed and finely chopped), ¼ cup

First, roast the tomatoes and the green chilies in the oven broiler. You can even use a gas grill. Wait until they char or blacken. When it's done, place the blackened chilies in a freezer bag with a zip-lock, and let it steam for at least 10 minutes.
While this is being done, remove the skin from the tomatoes as well as the seeds. Chop them into ½-inch pieces. Then, remove the chilies from the bag and remove the blackened skin from the chilies as well. You can use a paper towel to do this. Slice them lengthwise and also remove the seeds. Next, chop them and combine them with the tomatoes.
Now, add the lime juice, onion, garlic, salt, olive oil, and cilantro to this combination. You can add the chili seeds to spice up the sauce as per your taste. Place the fresh sprig of oregano in the salsa. Keep this in a cool area for at least an hour. Your delicious homemade salsa is ready to be served.
Recipe 2
  • Tomatoes, 1½-2 lb
  • Fresh lime juice, 2 tablespoons
  • Fresh cilantro (chopped), 1½ tablespoons
  • Large onion (chopped), 1
  • Jalapeño chili peppers (seeded and chopped), 2
  • Salt, to taste

Firstly, seed and dice the tomatoes, and place them in a medium-sized bowl. Peel, seed, and chop the jalapeño peppers; wear a pair of rubber gloves to prevent the burning sensation. Add them to the bowl along with the onions, lime juice, and cilantro.
You can also opt to have a variation in the taste by adding some chopped garlic cloves to the mixture. Stir the entire mixture with some salt. Cover the preparation and place it in the refrigerator for a few hours or overnight. There are ways to preserve the salsa for a longer period of time. Fresh homemade salsa that is unheated can definitely last for a couple of weeks. 
If you wish to increase the storage time, you will need to boil it. Once the salsa is prepared, place it in a large pot, add some water to it, and bring this mixture to a boil on the stove. Avoid covering the pot. Once the water level reduces, you can turn off the heat. Let the entire mixture cool down and then, store it in the refrigerator.
The key to making good salsa is experimentation. This would help you find new ways to spice up your dishes and add your own individuality to the flavor.