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Homemade Orange Juice

Homemade Orange Juice

A glass of orange juice can always add a fresh note to your day. Here are some tips for making orange juice at home.
Sonia Nair
Orange juice is undoubtedly one of the popular beverages, that can be considered the daily source of vitamin C. It is commonly found in almost all households. While most of us go for the store-bought versions, freshly squeezed orange juice is always preferred. Even though it takes some time to prepare homemade orange juice, it is worth the efforts. Apart from that, homemade juice is more nutritious than store-bought versions that contain added preservatives and sugar.
Homemade Orange Juice Recipe
Orange juice, which is a popular breakfast drink, is one of the richest sources of vitamin C and contains various other nutrients. In order to prepare homemade orange juice, you need fresh oranges with a thin, smooth skin. Choose some firm and heavy oranges, instead of the spongy ones. You can extract around two ounces of orange juice from a medium-sized orange. Fully ripened oranges contain more antioxidants than their counterparts. It has been observed that, oranges like Valencia, pineapple, and amber sweets, are more juicy than others. Orange juice has to be consumed fresh. Otherwise, it will develop a slight bitter taste.

  • You may either use a manual juicer or an electric one, for extracting orange juice. Some people simply squeeze out the juice directly from the oranges, that are cut into halves.
  • The first step is to squeeze whole oranges gently, using your palm. This is to soften the oranges, which will yield more juice.
  • It has also been noted that, oranges kept at room temperature yield more juice than the refrigerated ones. You may also microwave the oranges for a few seconds, before juicing.
  • Once the oranges soften, cut them in halves and remove the seeds.
  • If you are using a manual juicer, place the halved orange over the juicer, and rotate it to extract the juice. It may take more efforts than the electric one, which can extract more juice.
  • If you want clear juice, you may strain the extract. Otherwise, use the freshly squeezed orange juice, without straining.

It is very easy to make orange juice at home, if you have ripe, firm and heavy oranges with a thin, smooth skin. Apart from the fresh taste, homemade orange juice is healthy too. It is also low in calories, when compared to the store-bought versions. One cup of freshly squeezed, unsweetened orange juice contains around 100 calories, whereas the canned varieties have more than 105 calories. You may also freeze the homemade orange juice in ice cube trays. Later, these cubes can be stored in plastic bags, which have to be kept inside the freezer. Orange juice is good for dehydration and weakness. It can also improve metabolism and boost the immune system. In short, it is highly nutritious and offers various health benefits. However, over consumption is not advisable, because of the sugar content and acidic nature. So have orange juice daily, but in moderate amounts.