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Homemade Beef Jerky Recipe

Deepa Kartha Nov 25, 2018
Do you want to make some beef jerky at home instead of buying it from the local store? If yes, you are at the right place, we will give you adequate information on the recipe for making it at home.
When refrigeration and chemical preservation were not still introduced, drying was the method humans used to preserve meat. The meat which went through this preservation method was called jerky. Though today there are other preservation methods, people still love jerky because of its delicious taste.
Among the different types of its recipes, beef jerky is said to be one of the most popular ones. Moreover, it is actually quite easy to buy it from the local store. However, the commercially made ones have preservatives and chemicals in them, and hence are not very good for health.
Therefore, it would be a good option to make them at home. Although the process of making them is a little difficult and time-consuming, the results are actually worth all the effort. Moreover, the calories are also very less than the one which is brought from the store. So, if you are interested in making beef jerky, here is the recipe that you can follow.

Easy Recipe of Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is made by removing the fat and then drying the meat so that no moisture remains in it.
This is important because even if a slight amount of fat remains in the beef, it can get spoiled easily. Hence, it is important to remove the fat thoroughly to preserve it for a long time.
Another important thing that one has to know is the process which is used for drying it. There are actually two ways of drying. One way of doing it is by cooking it in the oven at 160ºF, and the other way is by using the dehydrator. Though using the dehydrator is a great way of making beef jerky, it is no different from the one made in the oven.

1. The first step in the process of making beef jerky is selecting the meat. You can choose any cut-off meat starting from top round, sirloin, venison, eye round, etc. Once you have bought the meat, it will be a good idea to freeze it for five hours as this makes the cutting process very easy.
2. Once you have taken the meat out of the freezer, start cutting it into thin slices while removing the excess fat at the same time. Remember that the fat of the meat does not dry during the drying up process, and this can actually cause damage to the meat.
3. The next step is to marinate the meat. You can marinate the meat slices with vinegar, sea salt, and olive oil, paprika, soy sauce, and brown sugar. Once you marinate the slices of meat, keep it in the refrigerator for 10 - 24 hours.
4. Once you take the marinated meat slices from the refrigerator, rub it with your favorite seasonings. Some of the main seasonings include salt, pepper, onion salt, garlic powder, etc.

5. After the meat slices are coated with the seasonings, the next step is the actual dehydration process.
If you are drying the meat in the dehydrator, spray the dehydrator racks with nonstick oil. Then, place the meat slices on it, leaving adequate spaces between each one of them to enhance proper air flow. Once this is done, you have to start drying the meat according to the instructions given in the dehydrator.
6. Instead of the dehydrator, if you are using the oven, preheat it at 150 - 160ºF. Place the meat on the wire rack of the oven and bake it for 6 - 8 hours in the same temperature.

7. Before you take it out of the oven or dehydrator, cut the jerky to see whether the insides are perfectly cooked.
At the end, the beef jerky should have a burgundy or brown color from the outside.

8. After it is fully done, put it in a plastic bag and place it in the freezer or refrigerator till the time of use.
If you are planning a camp or a hiking trip with your family or friends, taking it with you would be a good idea. However, make sure that the beef jerky that you make at home is consumed within two weeks after you have made it.