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History and Traditions Behind Christmas Pudding

Starc Maxwell Dec 02, 2019
We have all sung the classic song "Oh bring us some figgy pudding, Oh bring us some figgy pudding, and bring it right here!" around the Christmas tree. Let's have a look at some of the amazing traditions and histories of this iconic dessert.

Compelling History of Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding originated in England. The origin of the Christmas or plum pudding goes back centuries and is steeped in tradition.

When were Christmas Puddings First Made?

Christmas pudding originated in the 14th century. The British made porridge called "frumenty" made of mutton and beef with raisins, currants, wines, and spices. After the 16th century, dried fruit became more available, and the pudding slowly shifted from savory to sweet.

Stir-up Sunday

Traditionally, Christmas pudding is made five weeks before Christmas. Each family member stirs the pudding and makes a wish. Everyone in the house would take turns, stirring the pudding by three times to make a wish. It was believed if an unmarried person forgets to join in, they will not find a partner in the upcoming year!

Plum Pudding Contains No Plum

Goes back to the Victorian practice of substituting dried plums with other dried fruits, like raisins. Dried plums or prunes were so popular that any goods which contained dried fruits were referred to 'plum cakes' or 'plum puddings'.

Christmas Pudding Traditions

Many different traditions have come up with plum pudding. Have a look at some of the most exciting and well-known Christmas pudding traditions.

13 Ingredient Puddings

It's said that Christmas pudding needs to be prepared with 13 ingredients to represent Jesus and his twelve disciples. People have used sweet ingredients like dried fruits, soaking them in different alcohols and throwing nuts, breadcrumbs into the mix.

Christmas Pudding Steamed in a Cloth

Puddings were often steamed in a square of fabric or a bag. They were also sometimes wrapped in the fabric after cooking. Seating the pudding in a cloth makes the packaging far more appealing, with its rustic charm; some of which need safeguarding.
Isn't all the traditions and histories seems interesting? Pudding remains an integral part of Australian Christmas. With traditional Christmas pudding find a place in the heart of the Australian’s Christmas celebrations.