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History of Ginger Ale

A Glance at the History of Ginger Ale and its Growing Popularity

A refreshing glass of ginger ale can be perfect for almost any season because of the medicinal qualities of ginger. Read on to find out more about its origin.
Aakash Singh
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Nothing can be more refreshing than a cool drink in a sunny afternoon or otherwise too. And what can be better than a drink which not only soothes you, but is also beneficial medically. I am talking about ginger ale, which has ginger, a natural tuber known for its therapeutic qualities.
History of Ginger Ale
It is believed that the first ginger ale was prepared in Ireland, at around the 1800s. The modern version of ginger ale was invented by a Canadian, named John McLaughlin. In 1885, after graduating from the University of Toronto with a Gold Medal in Pharmacy, McLaughlin started his own carbonated water plant. Initially, he started making his own soda drink recipes and this was when the McLaughlin Belfast Style Ginger Ale was invented. After the immense success of the drink, McLaughlin engaged into bottling of this drink. Later in the year 1907, he produced Canada Dry Ginger Ale.
After the popularity of the drink, McLaughlin thought of making some changes to the drink. He made the color of the drink more lighter and clearer and also made it taste more sharp. This was patented by him into the Canada Dry Pale Dry Ginger Ale. The label of the bottle of Canada Dry had a map of Canada on it, and on few, there was a picture of a beaver, which is the national animal of Canada.
Ginger Ale Drinks
Ginger has been used for centuries for medical purposes. This medicinal quality of ginger probably is the reason why it was made available as a consumable beverage. Ginger ale is a ginger flavored carbonated drink. In addition to ginger tea, ginger ale is one of the most well-known drinks in the United States. It has preceded most of the drinks which claimed to be digestive aid drinks.
The original golden ginger ale used to taste like real beer, since it was naturally carbonated. Initially a few customers found the drink too heavy, therefore the soft drink manufacturers worked on the taste and made it milder. This was when the dry ginger ale was produced. It was a mixture of simple syrup flavored with ginger and carbonated water.
Ginger ale can also be made at home, and to make it you don't require to have special expertise. Just the know-how and also the ingredients to do it are enough. It can be brewed with basic distilling equipment and additives such as brewer's yeast, sugar and clear water. You can experiment with it more. If you happen to ferment it longer, it would make you a mild alcoholic beverage called 'ginger beer'. The bottled form of which is also available.
There are several recipes you can refer to for making homemade ginger ale. The brewing time depends upon how strong you want it to be, if you like to have it stronger, let it ferment for a longer time. Caution must be observed while dealing with natural carbonation, as uncontrolled chemical reactions may take place, and spoil the taste of the drink.
Ginger ale, also amongst few popular mixers, is used for few cocktails and other drinks. Being one of the most popular drinks at parties and receptions, many people like to mix their ginger ale with frozen sherbet and also with concentrated fruit punches. There are few places in the United States, where ginger ale is used for cooking too. For example, they are used in place of boiling water, when preparing the heavenly bratwurst (a type of sausage) or other types of sausages. One can just imagine the appetizing taste of it. Cheers!
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