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Types of Beautifully Intoxicating German Wines You Must Taste Now

German Wine Types
Your search for information about types of German wine ends here. Read to get introduced to some of the popular kinds.
Omkar Phatak
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Wines are more than just an alcoholic beverage for most people around the world. With its aroma and exquisite taste, it is an experience that most people revel in. If you plan to become a connoisseur, then your repertory would be incomplete without the German wine varieties.
Vineyards in Germany date back to times of the Roman empire. Most of the wine is produced in the southwest part of Germany, along the Rhine and its many tributaries. The country produces a total of around 1.2 billion bottles every year and is ranked eight among the wine making countries. Their specialty is white wine, which constitutes about two-thirds of the total production. Red wine production has been increasing since the 1990s.
The taste of German wine is primarily derived from the Riesling grape variety, which provides a range of tastes from aromatic and fruity to dry, sweet, and well-balanced. Other than Riesling, there are 134 grape varieties that are grown in Germany, each offering a unique and different taste. Around 100 of those grape varieties are used for white wine production, while only 35 are used for red wine production. Their types range from rose wines, red wines, semi-sweet, sweet, sparkling wines, to dry wines.
Popular Types
Here are some of the German wine varieties that are widely known for their taste. It includes a mixture of various types, including white and red wines.
The most popular of all types is Riesling. Created from the essence of the Riesling grapes grown in the Rhineland region of Germany, this white wine has a golden yellow color and a fruity fresh taste, which is a bit acidic. It may be served with a main course of sea food, pork, and chicken and may also be served with dessert.
Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir)
Spätburgunder is the German Pinot Noir variety with a red color and delicate aroma. The taste of this wine might remind you of blackberry and it can be served with any kind of meat, including sea food.
One of the popular German red wines, the Muskattrollinger variety offers a fruity taste with a nutmeg like aroma. Created from the muscat grape, it is best served with any dessert course.
Trollinger (Groß Vernatsch)
Cultivated mostly in Württemberg, Germany, Trollinger is a light red wine with a fruity taste. Its color ranges from salmon to ruby red. Popularly served with Italian pasta, it tastes best when it's cool.
Of all the Germanic wines, all the sparkling ones are known by the name of Sekt. Its taste ranges from dry to sweet and it is the drink of choice for a toast.
Known as a noble red wine, Dornfelder is deep-purple colored and is created from a cross between Herold and Helfensteiner grapes. Its full-bodied flavor is particularly enjoyed world over.
Silvaner is one of the white wine types from Germany that has a soft and floral taste. It is best served with seafood, veal, and poultry.
Lemberger (Blaufränkisch)
Lemberger is an aromatic red wine, which is ruby red in color. Best served with pork, lamb or cheese, it is also an excellent choice as an 'after dinner' drink.
Gewürztraminer is one of the oldest German wines. It is counted among the noblest wines throughout the world. A ladies favorite, because of the rose smell and the mild acidic taste, Gewürztraminer is best served with sea food.
Created from a cross between Riesling and Trollinger grapes, this golden yellow colored wine makes you reminiscent of the Riesling variety, while offering a hint of nutmeg. It can be served with any kind of meat and dessert.
So, these are some of the popular types that you should try out. Describing the exquisite taste of wine in words is a pointless exercise and there is no substitute to actually having a sip. Hope I have tempted you enough.
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