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20 Genius Ways to Use Muffin Tin. Thank Us Later!

20 Genius Ways to Use Muffin Tin
What baker does not love baking cupcakes and muffins? They are the best kind of desserts ever created by man. Their small size doesn't just make them cuter but so much easier to bake as well as to decorate and pipe. But that's not all there is to it, you can use your handy muffin tin to make so many more amazing delicacies other than muffins itself.
Dhvani Dedhia
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
White Jasmine Flower
Have you been using your muffin tin to bake just cupcakes and muffins?? Nah.. c'mon, you need to put some creativity in your kitchen as well. Let go of the traditional way of cooking and try out something new for a change.

Scroll down and find out how versatile your muffin pan can actually turn out to be. You know like they say, "The Smaller, The Cuter".
Bacon and Eggs To Go
Bacon and Eggs in a muffin form
There is nothing healthier than this gluten-free breakfast in the mornings. If you are already running late, then bake your breakfast eggs using a muffin pan so that you can have your breakfast on the go.
Frittata Muffins
Frittata Muffins
Use your magical muffin pan to bake your own Italian breakfast on the go. Have your fill of protein with these egg muffins along with spinach or corn and cheese. Yum.. Yum.
Baked Hash Browns Balls
Make a low-calorie version of hash brown that can be baked using a muffin tray instead of frying.
Pie For One
Mini Blueberry Pies in muffin pan
Instead of baking a huge pie, what you can do is bake several mini ones, one for each guest at your dinner party. Go bonkers with the filling of the pie, be it pumpkin, apple and cinnamon, or berries, or all the above.
Lasagna Cups
Layer your lasagnas and bake them using a muffin pan and create a unique single-serve version of this heavenly dish. Kids love lasagna, and they will definitely dig this mini-sized lasagna.
Mashed Potatoes Cups
Baked mashed potatoes in cupcake mold
Use up your last nights' leftover potatoes and turn them into mini mashed potatoes cups by adding some seasoning and cheese to it.
Chocolate Bowls
Edible chocolate bowls to server dessert, could it be more amazing than this? Fill your muffin trays with melted chocolate and invert them to remove the excess chocolate. Refrigerate for at least 20-30 minutes and De-mold them carefully, making sure they don't break. Using a silicon mold would be highly advisable.
Pizza Bites
Mini baked pizza
If only you thought pizzas couldn't get any better, Viola! Bite-sized pizzas bursting with cheese are the best fingerlicious party pleasers. Bread cheese and sauce, well, this dish was definitely made in heaven, but when the same thing turns into a dwarf, it just gets better.
Mini Donuts
Who told you that donuts have to be round and hollow, you can bake them however you want, even in your muffin tin. You can bake mini donut bites for your kid's birthday party and fill them with chocolate or fruit jams.
Granola Cups
Granola muffin
Give a new look to your health nut granola bars and turn them into to mini cups full of health. Add fresh yogurt or fruits of your choice to them and enjoy.
Mac and Cheese Cupcakes
Bake macaroni and cheese in the form of a cupcake, preferably use a silicon tray, it will make it easier to de-mold the mac and cheese from the mold. You could serve this as an appetizer for a dinner party.
Mini Cinnamon Rolls
Mini Cinnamon Rolls
If you can't find a pan to make your traditional cinnamon rolls, you can always use your muffin tray to do the trick. Serve them on your next afternoon tea party with some warm tea.
Fruit Puffs
Mini baked Fruit Puffs
Strawberry puff, blueberry or kiwi, what fruit puff are you baking today? Make puff dough and fill it with your favorite fruit fillings and bake it in the oven for about 20 min. Kids would just love carrying these in their lunch boxes.
Flavored Ice Cups.
Use your muffin trays to produce big-sized ice cubes of different flavors and colors. All you need to do is put slices of lemons, basil, or different fruits, like oranges, pomegranate seed, berries, etc., in the mold along with water, or you can directly put flavored syrup in the mold and freeze it overnight. De-mold just before serving. Nothing will make your drinks look more appealing then these little flavored cups.
Breakfast Quiche
Breakfast Quiche in forms of muffins
Put these bite-sized quiches with a variety of vegetable and meat fillings on your breakfast menu today. A day started with good food always goes better. Making quiches in muffin pans is much easier and hassle-free than making them in a pie dish.
Lollipop Cups
Lollipop Cups made using muffin pan
Make lollipop cups for a kiddie party using a muffin pan. Pour the lollipop mix in the muffin tin and put the lollipop sticks in when the mix is still in the liquid form. Unmold it after it is frozen completely, and you've got a mini cupcake pop.
A Dip Platter
Now here is something really innovative you can do with your muffin tray. If you have your friends over to watch a football game and you are serving 'chips and dips', instead of using 5-6 different bowls for serving dips, take help from your multi-talented muffin tin. Use each muffin space to fill different kinds of dips like mustard, mayonnaise, guacamole, salsa, etc., and enjoy a fun evening of chips and dips with your friends.
Baked Oatmeal Cups
Baked Oatmeal Cups
Eating a bowl full of oats in the morning could get boring at times, so go ahead and turn them into mini oatmeal cups. You could make them ahead of time and keep them travel ready. You can add peanut butter, dry fruits, dried berries, etc., to make them tastier.
Mini Tarts
Mini Tarts baked in a muffin tin filled with  fruit and nuts
Bake multiple mini tarts instead of baking a single big one. This way, you can make each of them with different kinds of fillings. You could layer them with delicious seasonal fruit, jams, custard, nuts, etc. Finally, cover them with whipped cream on top, and you are set for dessert. Let your guests pick the fillings they like the best.