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Exquisite and Fun Cupcake Ideas You Wouldn't Want to Ignore

Sonia Nair Apr 23, 2019
Cupcakes have become the flavor of the season. Some fun decorations are always appreciated, especially for cupcakes meant for kids.
Cupcakes are small cakes baked in paper cups. You can make the plain old cupcakes look delicious and interesting, with some fun decorations. Cupcakes can be decorated with a wide range of materials, like icing, cookies, fresh flowers, fruits, candies, and chocolate chips.
Such decoration must be in sync with the theme of the occasion. Decorating cupcakes is very easy, and all you need is a little creativity.
The advantage of cupcakes is that, they offer an option of enjoying different flavors. You can give a personal touch to these cakes by decorating them on your own. Here are some simple, but fun-filled ways of decorating cupcakes.
● For kids' birthdays, you can use frosting of various colors, and top them with differently-shaped candies.
● Another idea is to make happy faces over the cupcakes, already covered with fondant. You can also design faces of animals or cartoon characters.
● Cake toppings can be made out of stiff royal icing, and stored well in advance. You can make and store different shapes of colored and rolled fondant. Cupcake decoration can also be done with bows made from icing ribbons.
● For Halloween cupcakes, use black, orange, purple, and white-colored decoration materials. Cut the fondants in circles, and stick two to three random pieces on the cupcakes.
● Eyeballs can be made out of rolled white fondant. Make circles of blue fondant with a black spot in the center. Stick this to the white ball, and place it on top of the cupcake covered with light green fondant. Cut thin strips of red fondant in the shape of veins, and stick to the eyeball.
● For Valentine Day, cover the cupcakes with red or pink fondant, and design them with heart-shaped chocolates.

● Another way to decorate Valentine day cupcakes is to write the loved one's name or the initials, using fondant.
● Baby shower cupcakes can be covered with light pink, blue, or cream-colored frosting. You may use tiny nappy-shaped toppings made of rolled fondant. The topping can also be made in the shape of baby feet, bib, bow, butterfly, or flowers.
● Wedding cupcakes should be decorated, and perfectly placed in a cake stand. The popular decorations for weddings are natural or fondant flowers. You can replace flowers with heart-shaped candies or chocolates. You can simply top the cakes with butter cream icing (same color as of the bride's wedding dress), or make the initials of the bride and the groom.
There is no hard and fast rule regarding decoration of cupcakes for different occasions. You can always mix and match various designs, but the result should appear sensible. It is not sensible to serve a cupcake decorated with the shapes of witches during a baby shower party, whereas a cupcake with floral decoration will fit into almost every occasion.
You can even use molds with various designs, which are easily available in the market. In that case, the only extra effort needed is to color the cake as per the design.
Making cupcakes is a simple and easy task, which needs some time, patience, and the right recipes. As far as decoration is concerned, your imagination is the limit!