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Fun Cake Designs

Scholasticus K Mar 12, 2019
If you are hosting a kid's birthday party, you may require innovative set of ideas for decoration, food, and cake in order to make the occasion unique and extra special. To make the best possible decoration for the cake, one needs to have a set of different fun cake designs.
A very good way to come up with unique cake design ideas is to look around and try to integrate simple shapes in order to make the cake. Let's take an example of Jessie to make everything clear, Jessie tried out a very innovative, yet simple and realistic, experiment while making a cake for her sweet 10-year-old daughter, who was fascinated by violins.
What Jessie did was not very difficult; she made a simple chocolate in a big square baking tray. She then used a simple knife and carved out a violin. Later, with the help of dark black chocolate icing, she covered up the shape of the violin and made it look like a real one.
Well, even you can try out some interesting and simple figures like that. It is pretty easy to carve out the shape with the help of a simple knife. The better the mixture of your batter, the better the cake becomes. If the mixture of the batter is good, the finish of the cake becomes really good and you are able to easily carve through the cake.
Another very easy way to make different designs is to make use of fruits, nut, cereals, and candy. Using such accessories proves to be very effective when you have less time to decorate the cake. You can make cakes using a collection of your favorite fruits.
By using various fresh and dry fruits, you can make a fruit salad cake. To make this cake, first bake a simple non-layered vanilla cake. Then, using a spoon or a knife, carve a small crater in the middle of it and fill it with your selected choice of fruits. If you want to put larger-sized fruits in the crater, cut them up in smaller and even slices.
Decorate and cover up the remaining portion of the cake in vanilla icing, or you can also try putting a generous layer of icing on it. You can also decorate the remainder of the cake with the help of sweet cereals and dry fruits. If it is a birthday cake, then write the birthday boy or girl's name in the icing using the cereal or dry fruits.
Using such small but creative ideas, you can also bake some fun wedding cakes, or even come up with some fun cupcake ideas. Following are some interesting yet simple cake designs.
Following are some interesting yet simple cake designs that were seen in a catalog of a bakery.

Cookie Chocolate Cake:

Bake a layered/non-layered chocolate cake and apply a generous layer of chocolate or vanilla icing on it. You can use many designs to decorate this cake.
The simplest option is to crumble a couple of chocolate cookies and sprinkle the pieces on the still-wet icing. You can also use some blends, like strawberry jam or marmalade, while decorating the cake.

Dry Fruit Cake

You can also make an elegant dry fruit cake that can be served as dessert on a particularly snowy evening.
To make the dry fruit cake, you can bake a simple vanilla cake and then cover it up with vanilla icing. Then, generously sprinkle crushed dry fruits on top of the icing. You can also sprinkle some pieces of dry fruits within the different layers of the cakes, along with vanilla icing or some jam.

Theme Fruit Cake

If you are particularly fond of some specific fruits, for example banana, then you can easily use them to make unique and fun designs. Initially, bake a vanilla cake in the shape of a banana. If the cake is layered, then use vanilla ice cream and banana-flavored jam as a filler between the layers. Cover up the cake in vanilla icing.
Then, place different-sized cuts of banana on the surface of the cake. You can also try out the same recipe for different fruits, like strawberry or apple.
It is necessary to imagine and imitate some simple real-life shapes, and in general just let your imagination run wild.