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Make Yourself a Tasty Treat With This Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe

Fried Green Tomatoes Recipe
If you have your own vegetable garden, and are growing green tomatoes, then you should try out the recipe mentioned in this article. Fried green tomatoes can be one of the most mouth-watering dishes you can make with green tomatoes, and here's how you do it.
Nilesh Parekh
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Homemade Fried Green Tomatoes
Today we will learn to make one of the most beautiful, mouth-watering, and delicious dishes―fried green tomatoes. This recipe basically comes from the southern part of India and has proven to be one of the best recipes, ending in the top recipe list around the world. It goes well with anything as a side-dish or even as a breakfast option.
1. Tomatoes―4 (firm, medium-sized light green tomatoes)
2. Salt (to taste)
3. Pepper (to taste)
4. Olive oil, vegetable oil, or bacon grease―1 cup
5. Eggs―2
6. Bread crumbs― 1 cup (you can choose to add more if you like)
7. Milk―¼ cup
8. Cream―¼ cup
9. Cheese (grated)
10. Flour or cornmeal
Cut the tomatoes in slices of about ¼ inch thick. Salt the tomato slices from both sides and sprinkle pepper on them.
Pour beaten eggs, water, and milk in a bowl, and prepare a mixture. If you want to make it rich in taste, and are not worried about extra calories, then you can add some rich cream to the mixture, which will enhance the taste.
Dip the salted/peppered tomato slices in the egg mixture; make sure the slices are well covered with the mixture. Sprinkle flour/meal once on the slices to form a uniform thick layer around the slices.
Next, sprinkle grated cheese of your choice on the slices and dip them in fine bread crumbs. The bread crumbs layer should not be thick as it will change the taste of the dish, but should be enough to give the taste of fried bread. Remember, use of cheese is just to enhance the taste of the dish, and can be considered as an optional part of the procedure.
Pour oil/grease in a pan; make sure the oil/grease only covers the base of the pan, and is hot enough to only sizzle the tomato slices and not burn them. Fry the tomato slices till the side on the pan turns golden/brown in color; typically takes about 4 to 6 minutes. Flip and repeat.
Once cooked on both sides, take off and keep on a paper towel to get rid of excess oil. Serve hot with your choice of decoration.
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