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An Entire List of Magically Delicious French Foods - Take Your Pick

French Foods List
There are many famous French foods that you must be aware of. However, do you know them all? Would you like to learn more about it? If yes, then read the following article to find a list...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Every culture has their own set of foods that make them different from one another. When we talk about Indian food, we think of tandoor and spicy recipes. With Italian foods, our minds tend to revolve around delicious spaghetti and giant meatballs. As we said, each culture has its unique recipes and the cuisine is known across the world, so what comes to your mind when you think about French food? Do you automatically picture a delicious Crème brûlée or a classic like bouillabaisse? No matter what, many people have the ideology that French cuisine is one of the best and popular in the world; which is true. And with many different regions in France, no wonder the French foods' list can go on and on.
In the following article, we have put together a list of famous foods which are appreciated not only in France, but across the world as well. Let's have a look.
List of Famous French Foods
You may have several reasons for searching for a list; it could be for a school project, perhaps you're visiting France in the near future, or you want the list to educate your kids. So let's not focus on the 'why' but get to the actual guide. Go through the following list, which gives you the actual names (French) and its translation/description in English.
Fries from France
Some famous fries from France: 
  • Steak frites - Steak and fries
  • Pomme frites - French fries
  • Poulet frites - Chicken and fries
French Meat Recipes
  • Blanquette de Veau - French veal stew
  • Coq au vin - Braise of chicken
  • Foie de Veau - Young calf's liver
  • Foie gras - Dish made with duck or goose
  • Confit de Canard - Duck confit
  • Quenelle - Mix of creamed fish, meat, or chicken; combined with breadcrumbs
  • Beef Bourguignon - Beef stew made in red wine
  • Steak au Poivre - Filet mignon (steak) coated w/black peppers
  • Carbonnade - Meat stew in beer
  • Tripes à la mode de Caen - Offal cooked in cider and calvados
  • Boeuf Bourguigon - Beef stew in red wine
  • Fondue Bourguignonne - Meat fondue
  • Boudsavoryin - Flavored sausage
  • Rillettes - Salted meat, cooked in fat
  • Potjevleesch - Meat stew
French Pork Recipes
  • Cassoulet - Slow-cooked casserole w/mix of meat, pork skin, & white haricot beans
  • Tartiflette - Dish made w/cheese, potatoes, pork, & cream
  • Tarte flambée - Rectangle or round dough w/cream, onions, & pork
  • Choucroute garnie - Sauerkraut with sausages, pork, & potatoes
  • Potée Lorraine - Pork & vegetables stew
  • Pâté Lorrain - Pork & veal baked in puff pastry
  • Baeckeoffe - Lamb, beef, & pork casserole dish
  • Kig ha farz - Boiled pork w/buckwheat dumplings
  • Andouille- Smoked pork sausage
French Recipes with veggies
Some famous French recipes with vegetables:
  • Duchess potatoes - Mix of mashed potatoes and eggs in dollop-shape
  • Aligot - Melted cheese blended with mashed potatoes
  • Pot au feu - Beef stew with vegetables
  • Ratatouille - Vegetable stew
  • Gratin - Dish w/melted cheese or browned breadcrumbs for crust
  • Socca - Chickpea crêpe
  • Raclette - Melted cheese w/potatoes, ham, and dried beef
  • Pissaladière - Pizza-like dish
French Seafood
Some famous french seafood recipes:
  • Bouillabaisse - Fish stew
  • Cargolade - Catalan-style escargot
  • Matelote - Fish stew
  • Moules à la crème Normande - White wine mussels
  • Pochouse - Fish stew in red wine
  • Escargot - Cooked snails
Some famous French dessert:
  • Crème brûlée - Broiled custard dessert with sugar
  • Mousse au chocolat - Chocolate mousse dessert
  • Mille-feuilles - Traditional French puff pastry
  • Religieuse - Éclair cake of the nuns
  • Choux à la Crème - Cream puffs
  • Tartes aux fruits - Fruit tart
  • Madeleine - Shell-like sponge cake
  • Éclair - Long, thin pastry filled with custard
  • Quiche - Baked custard dish w/fillings
  • Baba au rhum - Liquor-yeast cake w/whipped cream
  • Panisses - Fried ckickpea flour cake
  • Truffade - Thick shredded potato pancake
  • Tarte Normande - Apple tart
  • Gougère - Cheese pastry
  • Crêpe - Thin pancakes
  • Far Breton - Flan w/prunes
  • Kouign-amann - Round crusty cake
  • Tarte Tatin - Caramelized apple tart
  • Profiteroles - Chocolate-covered hollow pastry w/cream
  • Gâteaux - Custard, fruit or nuts-filled cake
  • Flamiche - Cake
  • Terrinée - Rice dessert
French Bread and Biscuit
  • Bredela - Biscuits
  • Baguette - Long, thin loaf of bread
  • Pain Poilane - Thick, round loaf of bread
  • Ficelle - Type of bread; similar to baguette
We've tried a few of these dishes and they are simply delicious. With savory and unique pastries, savory meat recipes, unheard delicacies, French food is really an inspiration to many. We hope that this article on the French foods' list could give you a close look at various foods.
Fruit Tarts
French Fries In Small Box With Sticks
Beef Stew
Chocolate Mousse Dessert
Vegetable Stew On A Plate
Jeera Biscuits
Fork And Apple Tart On Dish
Vanilla Eclair With Egg Custard
Apple Tart With Vanilla Pod
Galette With Mushrooms Bacon And Cheese
Baguette Sandwich With Ham Cheese Tomato Lettuce
Chocolate Mousse Dessert
Delicious profiteroles dessert
Wholemeal Loaf Of Bread
Apple Tart
Vegetable Stew Pisto Manchego
Casserole With Broccoli
Fruit Tart
Maroons Tart Cake
Subway Baguette Sandwich
Pork Satay With Peanut Sauce
Steamed Pork With Balsamic Vinegar
Steak Sandwich
Marinara Pizza
Hot Dog And French Fries
Fish Fingers French Fries And Vegetables
Chocolate Cake
Delicious Fish Stew Close Up
Grilled Squid With French Fries
Meat With Vegetables
Birthday Cake
Fish Soup
Rolled Pork
Cream Puff Rings With Strawberry And Caramel
Crispy Onion Ring With French Fries
Sponge Cake With Cream
Steamed Pork Dumpling And Soy Sauce
Cut Delicious Pizza In A Pan
French Bouillabaisse Fish Soup
Fish Soup
Stew Of The Beef Gristle
Cris Waffles
Sweet Pizza
Boiled Dumpling On Plate
Beef Stew With Vegetables
Fresh Baked Buns
Buns In The Basket