Take Your Cakes to a New Level With These Free Cake Decorating Ideas

Take Your Cakes to a New Level With These Free Cake Decorating Ideas
Cakes have been an integral part of special occasions like weddings and birthdays for a long time. The free cake decorating ideas mentioned below would help in making the cakes attractive and also delicious in taste. One can innovate and explore a lot in order to discover or probably invent more and more cake decorating ideas.
The art of cake decoration is being practiced for centuries. Cakes are used for celebrations or to mark birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, weddings and many other such special occasions. Decorating the cakes is one of the forms of 'sugar arts'. One can choose from many different cake decorating ideas to enhance the appearance of cakes and make them more delicious. The use of particular cake decoration ideas depend a lot upon the occasions for which the cakes are prepared. A child would love to have a cake with decorations of his favorite cartoon character. A car enthusiast could be presented with a cake that depicts the image of his favorite car. The cake itself can be converted into a shape of a car. Numerous ideas like the above mentioned ones could be used in cake decoration.
Cake Decoration
The activity of cake decoration though, is a specialized art today. One can also learn it at home and create wonderful cake decorations. The ideas for decoration could be obtained from our surroundings and one can use his imagination power and creativity to make the process of decoration much more interesting.
Free Cake Decorating Ideas
There are literally hundreds of ideas ranging from simple to ornamental ones that can be used to decorate cakes.
It is an important part of cake decoration which helps enhance its look. Icing should be done at least 30 minutes after the cake has cooled down. It will help the icing or frosting to stick to the cake. Many flavors including lemon and strawberry could be used for frosting. It is easy to apply whipped cream to the cake since it is not sticky.
Exposure to the sun results into the cake becoming faded in its appearance. Glycerin could be used to counter this effect. The use of cane sugar instead of beet sugar allows the colors to be retained for a longer period of time.
To decorate the cake with handwritten messages, the letters should be disconnected and big in size. Writing in a slanting manner requires practice, since a single mistake could ruin the appearance of the cake.
Ideas for Birthday Cake Decorating
A birthday cake, along with having a delicious taste, should be a treat for the eyes too. A simple design can be turned into an ornamental and intricate one by changing the alignment and patterns of the horizontal and vertical ribbons. Variety of textures and flavors can be used in different layers and fillings to give the birthday cake a dazzling look. Chocolate could be effectively used to make a birthday cake more attractive. Chocolate ribbons or curls add to the beauty of cakes. To make a chocolate ribbon, a thin layer of melted chocolate should be spread on a cooled marble surface and then be removed with the help of a spatula. Rectangular chocolate banners with the 'Happy Birthday' message are also used in decorating birthday cakes.
Cake Decorating for Weddings
Decorations made from 'fondant', a candy prepared form a creamy sugar paste is mostly used for wedding cakes. Different shapes such as flowers, butterflies and lace can be made out of this cream. 'Buttercream Wedding Cake Decor' is also a popular concept used in making the wedding cakes attractive. It gives the cake a creamy and soft look. The cake should however be maintained in temperature-controlled conditions, since the buttercream melts away quickly.
Decoration of cakes requires designing skills as well as imagination power. One would do well to experiment and learn on his own in this art of cake decoration. However, the above mentioned free cake decorating ideas would prove to be useful for a beginner by providing him a few of the popular cake decorating ideas.
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