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Fondant Flowers

Gorgeously Fabulous Ways to Make Fondant Flowers

If you are someone who's admired fondant flowers on cake tops and are interested in making some by yourself, take a chance and be the one to prepare them. Here are some easy and fantastic ways of making these flowers.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Don't you just love the look fondant icing gives the cake when it's ready? The soft smooth surface of the cake looks so perfect that you would never want to put a knife through it. This is one of the best looking and tasting types of icing, which is traditionally used for wedding cakes. There are two ways in which this icing is used, viz; the rolled fondant, which is like a blanket placed over the cake, and the poured fondant, that is gently poured over the cake. Either of them give a very smooth covering to the cake and this surface makes cake decorating a very easy job.
One of the most common types of cake decorations are the brilliantly beautiful fondant flowers. You can never underestimate the variety of ideas used in preparing these decorations which look delicate yet attractive when gently placed over the cake. Thus, you can either purchase these, or you can learn to make them on your own.
For Cakes
In this section, we will learn how to make fondant calla lilies as they are the most common flowers used to decorate cakes.

  • Ready-made fondant
  • Toothpicks
  • Food color
  • Icing sugar
  • Rolling pin
1. Add food coloring to the fondant, break it into two balls and knead it again so that the color is evenly distributed throughout. Use a little water to make it soft so that kneading is not a tough process.

2. Now, roll this out till it is 18 inch thick and use a tulip leaf cutter to cut out the petals of the calla lilies. Then cut off about ¾ inches from the tapered bottom so that one end is flat.
3. Place one petal on sprinkled icing sugar and soften the edges with a ball tool used to shape the flowers. Now, place the toothpick in the center of the petal and roll one side towards the center, then wrap the other end similarly and brush the edges with water, to glue them.

4. You will get a conical structure which looks exactly like a calla lily. You have to bend the edges outwards to make it look original and with your fingertips pinch the highest tip of the flower.
For Cupcakes
For cupcakes, you have to make smaller flowers. Thus, the best thing to do is use cutters to make these decorations and use various designs of your choice. The flowers used for decorating cupcakes and marshmallows are relatively easier to make, as they are very tiny and don't need manual shaping (unless you want to).

  • Fondant
  • Food color
  • Icing sugar
  • Ball Tools
  • Cutters
  • Butter cream icing in pipe
1. Prepare the rolled fondant recipe as mentioned above by adding the food color of your choice and then roll it out on a surface which is sprinkled with icing sugar.

2. Use the desired cutters for cutting out these small flowers and prepare many such cutouts. Then place them on the surface and with the ball tool, give them a depression in the center and on the petals.

3. After this, use butter cream icing recipes to make the icing, pipe tiny dots in the center, and they are ready to be used. You can top them on cupcakes or use them as marshmallow flowers.
Like the above mentioned options, you can prepare any type and design that you like. They are great fun to make and they need not just be used on fondant icing, you can decorate normal cakes with these flowers as well. So, make your cakes an enjoyable treat with these easy and beautiful decorations.
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