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Fondant Cake Ideas That'll Leave You Fascinated

Pragya T Apr 17, 2019
Using fondant you can decorate cake with great colors and shapes. Here are some interesting fondant cake ideas for you to try out...
Fondant is the smooth snow like covering on top of cakes, that makes them look very attractive. Fondant icing is a sugar mixture which is heated and cooled at a perfect temperature, so that tiny crystals are formed. These crystals give the fondant that smooth texture.
However, if you heat fondant too much, the texture of the mix will become gritty and dull and unsuitable for using as icing on cake.

How to Make Fondant?

Given here is the recipe for making the rollable fondant, there are other cake recipes which use the liquid fondant that is poured over the cake and quickly spread on the cake surface. The liquid fondant is the one that needs to be heated at a right temperature.
However, the rollable fondant is quite easy to make and decorate cakes with. Also, there are fondants which are made of marshmallow and buttercream.
  • To make easy-to-use rollable fondant take a large bowl, and stir together in it half cup of shortening and one cup of light corn syrup.
  • Then mix half teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of vanilla extract together in a smaller bowl.
  • Add the vanilla and salt mix to the large bowl and gradually mix it well till the confectioners sugar becomes as stiff as a dough. You can use a hand mixer or knead it by hands.
  • Then store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Before trying any fondant decorating ideas, make sure you knead the dough lightly again before using it for cake decorating.
  • To use this fondant for decorating on cake, dust a clean surface with confectioners sugar, and then roll the dough out on the surface. Gradually, drape it over frosted or chilled cake and smooth down the sides, and cut down excess strips to make flowers, hearts, or other decorations.

Cake Decorating Ideas with Fondant

● You can use the quick pour fondant by placing the cupcake on a cooling rack placed over a pan or place the rollable fondant over the cupcakes. Paint animal faces on the fondant, or use more colorful fondants and stick shapes of flowers, butterflies, strawberries, etc., on it.
● If you're looking for cake ideas for girls, then you can use white fondant and on its edges stick rounded stripes. After this make beautiful shapes of musical notes and stick them on sides and top of the cake. If you're looking for fondant birthday cake ideas for an older girl, then try to decorate the cake with something new and unique.
You can make a double or triple stacked cake with a two colors theme. Use an aqua blue and purple color combination and paint the cake with different shapes like dots, stripes, etc., and then on top of it place ribbon shaped fondant.
● You can pick a fun theme like pirates, cars, or soccer and paint the cake with such shapes. You can make a soccer field using fondant, or paint a cake blue and stick football shapes on the cake. You can also paint a large rectangular cake with race tracks and place small cars on the tracks.
● To decorate wedding cakes using fondant stick to elegant looking ideas by using more of white color with other 2 or 3 colors. You can use white fondant, stick a swirl pattern.
So, follow these steps to make a good fondant, and use colored flavorings to create attractive-looking cakes!