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Flavors of Vodka

Make Your Own Vodka Flavors at Home With These Easy Infusion Tips

Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks. It can be used in an immense number of combinations as cocktails or can be drunk as it is. It comes in different flavors, which is perhaps the reason for its global appeal. This article will take a look at the various options available for this versatile beverage.
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A gift from the eastern part of Europe, vodka is a popular liquor amongst people all around the globe. It is made from potatoes, grains, ethanol, and water, and after a distillation process, we get this colorless drink. From the time this drink was introduced in the other parts of the world, vodka has seen a great increase in its consumers. Since it became very popular, manufacturers have started making different flavors of vodka. Moreover, there has been an overall increase in its consumption by women, throughout the world. Several flavors such as chili, mango, black pepper, green apple, etc., are sold in the market by the best brands. Smirnoff and Absolut, two of the top brands, offer a variety of flavors. These are listed below.
Flavors of Absolut
Absolut finds itself in the list of the best vodka in the world and not without reason. The following is the list of the varieties available with this brand.
  • Absolut Apeach Vodka
  • Absolut Berri Acai
  • Absolut Blue
  • Absolut Boston
  • Absolut Brooklyn
  • Absolut Citron
  • Absolut Cranberry
  • Absolut Mandrin
  • Absolut Mango
  • Absolut New Orleans
  • Absolut Pears
  • Absolut Peppar
  • Absolute Raspberry
  • Absolut Ruby Red
  • Absolut Vanilla
Flavors of Smirnoff
Smirnoff is a great brand, introduced to the world by Russia. Let us look at the flavors that they offer.
  • Smirnoff Twist Black Cherry
  • Smirnoff Twist Blueberry
  • Smirnoff Twist Citrus
  • Smirnoff Twist Green Apple
  • Smirnoff Twist Lime
  • Smirnoff Twist Orange
  • Smirnoff Twist Passion Fruit
  • Smirnoff Twist Raspberry
  • Smirnoff Twist Strawberry
  • Smirnoff Twist Vanilla
  • Smirnoff Twist Watermelon
  • Smirnoff Twist White Grape
Infusing Vodka at Home
If you find that this list does not excite you or if you would rather infuse your own flavor at home, then this paragraph talks about infused recipes that you can use. Right from fruits to spices, vodka can be easily infused at home. In order to do so, you will need the flavoring ingredient of your choice, like oranges, peaches, apple, anise, chili, etc., and some good quality vodka.
Choose a clean air tight jar. Clean the flavoring and pat it dry. Slice up the fruits or the herbs or spices really fine. If you are using berries, you will need to just lightly squeeze them so that the juice starts to release better. Spread the flavoring at the bottom of the jar and pour the vodka on top. The quantity of the vodka should be proportionate to the quantity of the flavoring. For example, if you take a liter of vodka, then you will need 2 fruits, a couple of fistfuls of spices, herbs, or berries and if you choose small fruits, then about 4 to 5 of those. Seal the jar and keep it away from the sunlight, preferably in the fridge.
In case of fruits, your drink should be ready within three days. However, spices and vanilla might take a week or 10 days to be infused thoroughly. Remember that the vodka should be poured on top of the flavorings and not vice versa, else the ingredients will float on the surface and will not get properly infused. Strain before use. It is best to try these recipes with a small amount if you are doing this for the first time. Practice makes perfect; so try till you get your taste and enjoy it with relish.
As you can see, there are plenty of flavors of vodka that are available in the market. Choose one that suits your taste or make the best one at home. Whatever you do, just remember to enjoy your drinks made with vodka to the fullest with family and friends. May this clear colorless drink fill your life with the colors of joy!
Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka
Smirnoff Orange Vodka
Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka
Absolut Vanilla vodka
Absolut Raspberri vodka
Absolut Mango Flavored Vodka
Absolut Mandrin vodka