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Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry Syrup Recipe

Elderberry syrup can be used as a dressing, or for making desserts, or as a tonic. Here is an easy recipe for making it at home.
Madhura Pandit
Elderberries are small black berries of the elder shrub that is commonly found in Asia and Europe. These berries are used in making muffins, pies, sponge cake, jams, fritters, tea, etc. The ripe berries are also used as toppings for ice creams and fruit cobblers. Did you know that they are also used for making elderberry wine and champagne?

Easy Recipe for Elderberry Syrup

Along with the culinary uses, the health benefits associated with this fruit makes it healthy. The berries contain vitamin C and are used for enhancing the immune system. Elderberry syrup is also used to treat throat infection and cough.

  • 2 pounds of elderberries
  • 1 liter water
  • 500 grams of granulated sugar
  • 1 lemon/4-5 cloves (either of the two)
Method of Preparation
  • Remove the stems and leaves of elderberries and rinse them thoroughly.
  • Boil water and put the berries in boiling water. Cook for 15-20 minutes until the berries become soft.
  • Now, strain the berries through a food mill. Throw away the skins.
  • The fresh juice can also be strained in a fine mesh strainer if you wish to have a super fine syrup without any particles.
  • Now, put the fine elderberry juice into the cooking pot, add granulated sugar, and bring the mixture to boil for 15-20 minutes. If you wish to flavor the syrup with cloves, add them while the mixture boils. You can remove the cloves with a spoon once the syrup is boiled.
  • After the prescribed time, stop heating as the syrup thickens. If you have not added cloves, you can add juice of 1 fresh lemon in the syrup after boiling.
  • Set the syrup to cool for a couple of hours. When completely cooled, pour it into a plastic or a glass jar (with an airtight lid) and preserve in the refrigerator.
For another version, you can substitute sugar with honey. The quantity of honey is 14 cups of honey for 7 cups of elderberry juice. Honey can be safely used by those who do not wish to consume raw sugar or those following a diet. Sometimes, 1 teaspoon of whiskey or vodka can also be added to the aforementioned recipe. However, it is optional.

This syrup can last for a year or two when stored in proper conditions. In case mold appears on the syrup, it should not be used further for consumption. Only ripe elderberries, without the other parts of the shrub, should be consumed. If you are not sure about whether the berries are fit for consumption or not, you can consult the local experts.

With this recipe, you can make your own healthy elderberry syrup at home and include it in your diet to enjoy its various health benefits. Good luck!