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Egg Substitute in Baking

Egg Substitute in Baking

Some people prefer to use a substitute in baking instead of real eggs. The taste, appearance, and the texture may vary with different replacers, but the overall dish will turn out just the same.
Rahul Thadani
Getting a substitute for eggs is a great way for vegetarians to make recipes that require eggs use in their preparation. Whether you're baking cakes, cookies, brownies, or anything that has eggs as an ingredient, using an alternative ingredient is ideal for people who do not wish to have them as a part of the recipe. There are plenty of reasons why people would not like to have eggs in their recipes, and hence would feel the necessity of a substitute. Apart from being vegetarian, some people may be allergic to eggs. Here are some commonly found ingredients that you can utilize as alternatives for eggs in cake, cookies, brownies, or pancakes.
Many people consider tofu to be the best substitute for eggs. Silken tofu or crumbled tofu is very similar in texture to a boiled egg, and it has a surprisingly similar taste as well. By adding a touch of turmeric, mustard, or nutritional yeast you can even make the tofu resemble eggs in appearance. Silken tofu is a great choice for certain dishes. Since it produces a slightly heavier effect, it is not recommended to use tofu in cake. Alternately, it serves excellent for brownies and pancakes.
Commercial Egg Replacer
Another alternative is a commercial replacer, like Ener-G. This ingredient is extremely versatile and is commonly and widely available in almost every health store and grocery store. As compared to tofu, these products are flavorless, and as a result serve good for cookies and cakes.
Applesauce and Banana
Smashing and blending one or more banana or about a quarter cup of applesauce serves as a splendid replacement for eggs. These ingredients help in adding the right amount of thick moisture, but they fail to make the dish look fluffy and light. If you wish to make your dish rise out a little, you will also have to include baking powder or soda in the recipe.
Other Substitutes
There are some other miscellaneous items also that you can use. A portion of vinegar mixed with water also serves as a good alternative, and sometimes even soda works as a satisfactory egg replacer. Using a few tablespoons of bread crumbs or oats is another option that you can explore.
These were a few of the most commonly used egg replacers. There are other alternatives too that you can find for yourself, depending on what dish you wish to prepare and what your other ingredients for that dish are. Read these following tips carefully

  • Use a suitable replacer depending on the number of eggs the original recipe requires. A recipe requiring many eggs may require a different replacer.
  • Do not attempt to make recipes that require a lot of eggs using an replacer. This can drastically alter the predicted taste as well as the appearance of the dish.
  • Whenever you are using tofu as a substitute, make it a point to puree it before using. If you fail to do so, you will end up with chunks of tofu.
  • Any recipe that requires eggs in a liquid form cannot be completed with a powdered replacer. In such cases, only plain tofu, not seasoned or baked, must be used.

It is a generally accepted rule of thumb that the fewer eggs a certain recipe requires, the easier it will be to use an alternative. But, be warned that at the end of the day, a replacer is merely a substitute for eggs. It cannot replicate the taste, texture, and appearance of the original recipe. There are bound to be a few differences here and there, as far as these three factors are concerned.