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Easy Cake Decorating Tips

Really Useful and Delightfully Easy Cake Decorating Tips

Decorating a cake is not as difficult as it looks. You just have to think of a theme or a design that appeals most to you and begin decorating it.
Mamta Mule
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
Most of you might agree that celebrations are incomplete without cakes. Some love chocolate while some love vanilla; pineapple is a favorite of some and some might love to eat plain cakes. If you are making a cake at home and want to know some amazing decorating ideas, then here are a few. A perfectly decorated cake not only appeals to your eyes but your taste buds as well.
Icing Tricks
Once the cake is ready, the icing plays the most primary and important role in the decoration. A perfect icing base ensures that the rest of the design looks great. Start with a thin layer of icing, spread it all over the cake. Now, refrigerate it before applying the second coat. Now, apply a thick but smooth second layer.
A plain icing is very common, why not try something different. Take a plastic fork and run it over the icing in a way to make a wavy pattern. Start from mid of the cake. Now work just besides it on each side and complete entire cake. You can do the same on the sides or leave it as it is.
Another idea is to have a marbleized effect with your frosting. Take a dark and light shade of the same colored frosting. Also, take a white colored frosting. Take all these in a bowl, do not mix. Now spread with a spatula over the cake to have a marbleized look. You can also use two different colors of frosting for the top and the sides.
Within the Icing
For dark-colored icing, like that of chocolate cake, you can use sugar-coated powder. Just dust it over the surface of the cake to give it a unique look. You can also dust in different patterns using stencils. Just dusting it on the border is also a great idea.
You can use different tasty ingredients in your icing to have a classy looking cake while you spread the icing. You can instead first spread the icing in desired way and then press one of these in the icing to have a lovely base. Nuts, sprinkles, candy or grated coconut, pressed into the icing before it sets well. You can also add cherry and jelly to the icing in a beautiful way to instantly decorate your cake.
Just Messages in Decorative Font
While a completely decorated cake hardly leaves some space for the messages, why not do it the other way? Have a plain icing base. Add a thin or thick but single line border. Now you have a large plain space in between. Utilize this to write over a sweet message. While you write a message make sure that you use a large and curved and decorative font.
A stylish but readable font used for writing a small sweet message is enough to decorate your cake. Make sure you use the right colored icing for this, considering the base. You can also write all alphabets in random manner, in 4-5 different colors over a white base frosting.
Essential Borders
Borders can make a simple cake look outstanding. If you want to have a decorative border, always keep the center area simple. If you are having lot of decorations in the middle part then keep the borders simple. Also, first finish off the center decorations and then start with the borders.
A border can be made using a small star tip, followed by making border of jelly on the inner side and again a border using small star tip. You can also add some colored candies. Make sure the colors match properly. A cake without border is sure to look incomplete.
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