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Do You Know What's the Difference Between Porter and Stout Beer?

Difference Between Porter and Stout Beer
Beer enthusiasts often argue over the differences between porter and stout. Both are dark beers with a roasted, bittersweet, malty taste.
Shruti Bhat
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Traditionally, the term stout was used to refer to a strong porter.
The 18th century saw a new trend in the pubs of London, when a new ale was on the lips of many. It was named aptly after the workers who frequented these bars. After experimentation on the original porter recipe, a new ale was born. It was called 'stout porter' and later, just 'stout'.
The word 'stout' was used to refer to a strong beer and not a dark one. The word 'porter' was used to refer to a brown beer made using roasted malts. Stronger beers began to be called stout porters. The terms 'extra', 'double', and 'stout' are used to indicate the different strengths of dark beers. Thus, stout refers to a stronger porter.
Stouts derive their rich dark color from the roasted malts/barley, yeast, water, and hops. Porter is made from malted barley, ale yeast, and hops. Simply put, one is a stronger version of the other. But this very fact implies a difference in their brewing process, ingredients, and flavor.
Porter vs Stout
➤ Porters are made from malted barley.
➤ Stouts use unmalted roasted barley.
➤ Porters are less full-bodied and lighter.
➤ Stouts are full-bodied and heavier.
➤ Porters are lighter than the stout.
➤ Stouts are creamier and stronger than porters.
➤ Many would describe porters to have a fruity, sweet, liquorice, roasted, chocolate taste.
➤ Stouts have a smoked, fruity, dry, bitter, liquorice taste and a roasted flavor.
➤ You will find porters in flavors such as coffee and berry fruit.
➤ Stouts are found in flavors such as, chocolate, coffee, and fruit.
➤ A stronger version of porter is known as the stout.
➤ A stronger version of a stout is known as the Imperial stout.
➤ Stout is a variation of porter.
➤ Dry stout, imperial stout, sweet stout, and oatmeal stout are variations of stout.
Some Types of Stouts
Dry Stout
This type of stout comes from Guinness in Ireland. It is a dry, bitter, rich, dark and dense brew. This dense dark sensation is nitrogen-flushed, which gives it a rich creamy white head.
Imperial Stout
As mentioned above, it is a stronger version of stout with a 6-7% alcohol content. It is known for its dried fruit and burnt cocoa taste and a deep opaque black color.
Sweet Stout
Sweet stout is popular for its sweet caramel and chocolate flavor. They are also known as cream or milk stouts. Extra ingredients such as, lactic sugars, and chocolate malts are added in the brewing process to get its distinct flavor.
Oatmeal Stout
A small quantity of oats is added to the roasted malts to enhance the texture of the stout. This stout is also a variant of the sweet stout.
The debate about the difference between stout and porter can continue. But all you need is a glass of stout and a glass of porter, to sip from them and decide which one's your favorite.
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