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How to Deep-fry a Turkey

How to Deep-fry a Turkey

Deep-fried turkey is a popular delicacy for Thanksgiving. This article will help you make this dish in the right manner, while taking all precautions.
Dhanya Joy
Deep-frying is one of the common ways to cook turkey, and is best done outdoors with the help of a deep fryer. It should never be done on the stove, as this could be quite messy. It needs to be done following some procedures or else, it could be dangerous, since there is the use of hot oil involved. Deep-frying also helps retain the moisture and imparts a better taste to the cooked meat.

Before you start, you must get yourself the required frying equipment that can be set up outdoors. You may buy a turkey frying kit or a large frying pot for this purpose. A turkey frying kit would include a large pot, fry thermometer, turkey stand, and a lift hook. Also, arrange for some cooking oil, preferably peanut oil, that you will need to use for frying.

  • Frying Pot, 26 quarts (at least)
  • Burner and Propane Tank
  • Oil Thermometer
  • Meat Thermometer
  • Turkey Stand
  • Lengthy Hook
  • Asbestos Gloves
  • Turkey, 1 (10-15 lbs.)
  • Peanut Oil, 4-5 gal.
  • Liquid Seasoning (Marinade), 8-16 oz.
Step# 1: Prepare the Turkey
Prepare the turkey at least an hour or two, before you start frying it. Begin with allowing the meat to thaw thoroughly. Once it has thawed, wash and clean it, even from the inside. Then, dry the meat thoroughly and prepare the marinade. You can prepare one of your choice, and either season it, or inject it into the meat. Give the bird enough time to soak in the marinade.

Step# 2: Prepare the Burner
The most important thing is to determine the amount of oil that would be required to deep-fry. For this, you can place the turkey in the large pot, pour water into the pot until it reaches a level, just two inches above the meat. Remove the turkey and mark this level, as this is the amount of oil that you would require. Empty the pot and dry it thoroughly as the oil is going to be heated in it, and if it remains wet, it could lead to serious damage. Once you have ascertained that the pot is thoroughly dry, place it on the burner, pour the required amount of oil and begin heating it for around 30 minutes at 325° F. Use an oil thermometer to track the temperature.

Step# 3: Frying the Turkey
Once the oil is heated to the desired temperature, turn the burner off, place the meat on the turkey stand and very slowly, lower it into the pot. Once it is placed in the pot, turn the burner on again and heat it to a temperature of 350° F. A 10 pound bird will take around 35 minutes to cook thoroughly, so estimate the time for cooking as per the weight. Once it is done, turn off the burner, and slowly remove the turkey from the pot and drain it. Wait for it to cool before serving.