Curly French Fry Cutter

Here's All You Need to Know About the Curly French Fry Cutter

The widespread popularity of French fries has led to innovation and change in not only its making process but also its shape and size. Here is a brief narration of process of making French fries with new curly French fry cutter.
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Last Updated: Jun 22, 2018
French fries
In the year 1802, Thomas Jefferson described a dinner at the White House. He wrote about differently cooked potatoes, by commenting that, the 'potatoes were served in a French manner'. This was probably the introduction of French fries, a new potato recipe in the United States.
Baked Vegetable Fries
French fries is a delicacy that has found an important place in the modern fast food industry. The concept of French fries originated in Belgium and gradually spread all across the world. This delicacy has many other alternative names such as chips, fried potato and steak fries.
cheeseburger and french fries
The concept of French fries grew very popular in Europe after the 19th century. In the mid 20th century, traditional restaurants in Europe and United States began changing into fast food chains and started churning out the famous 'burger'. The burger started becoming available in many varieties like the hamburger or cheeseburger.
Fish Tacos with french fries
Another famous fast food was the 'taco', a Mexican innovation. The French fries were an excellent side dish or accompaniment for any kind of fast food, taco or burger, in United States. Today the fast food industry all over the United States of America produces billions of tones of French fries every year.
Fish and chips
At the same time, parallel to the development of the American fast food industry, the Europeans were using French fries or chips as an accompaniment for fish. This famous dish, fish and chips, has become so famous that it is served in almost every restaurant in Europe.
Chicken With French Fries
French fries are usually straight cut pieces of potato that are eaten with a variety of dishes like burgers, salads, fish, chicken, bacon and almost any main course.
Sweet potato fries
There are also a variety of preparation methods that are followed, like deep-fried French fries, sweet potato French fries, baked fries and many others.
Curly French Fries
Some people are particularly fond of curly French fries. However, these kinds of French fries are not available in many places, but, one can always buy a curly French fry cutter.
A curly fry cutter is a type of kitchen cutlery that is very simple to use. While a regular french fry cutter cuts the potato with a set of blades making the fries rectangular in shape and as uniform as possible; the curly fry cutter uses one single blade to cut the potato along its surface making the fries non-uniform, naturally helical spiral in shape.
There are many variants, like the one that is placed and secured on the table using vacuum cups, or the one that can be permanently screwed on top of the kitchen platform.
You can buy curly French fry cutter that can be attached to the table of platform using a clamp. The best feature of this kitchen device is that, you can easily and comfortably, make curly fries from potato or yam without breaking the curl. It is also easy to detach and clean.
The best way to enjoy the curly French fries is to have them with cheese, sour cream or even plain and simple ketchup.