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Insanely Fantastic Cupcake Ideas for Kids

Cupcake Ideas for Kids
Cupcakes are loved by kids and adults alike. They taste delicious and come in plenty of patterns that is appealing to the eyes.
Tastessence Staff
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
Cupcakes make a favorite goody for everyone, irrespective of which occasion you are celebrating. Be it a kid's birthday or Halloween eve, any event seems to be incomplete without baking cupcakes. Here are some ideas by which you can decorate plain looking cupcakes to make them look more yummy.

Cool Cupcake Ideas for Kids

You can decorate cupcakes in various ways using different colors of frosting. They can be made like cartoons, vegetables, fruits, etc. Here are some tips on how to decorate them in different ways.

Baseball Cupcake for Kids

Required Ingredients
  • 1 cupcake
  • Red frosting
  • White vanilla frosting
  • Chocolate or blue frosting
  • Writing tip
Baseball Cupcake Decoration

Cover the cupcake with white vanilla frosting, making sure that it is completely white from the top with no empty spaces. Keeping the baseball stitching in mind, use the red frosting (filled in a writing tip) to create the same look on the white cupcake. Fill the chocolate or blue frosting in another writing tip and write your son's favorite baseball player's name in the cupcake.

Carrot Cupcake for Kids

Required Ingredients
  • Cupcakes
  • Cream cheese frosting
  • Orange frosting
  • Green Frosting
Carrot Cupcake Decoration

Frost the cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting. Fill the orange and green colored frosting in two resealable bags. Using the orange frosting, make one carrot shaped topping on each of the cupcakes. Finish the decoration with green tops for the upper portion of the carrot. Since the decorating part for these require less time, they are excellent for serving many guests at a time.

Balloon Cupcake for Kids

Required Ingredients
  • Baked cupcakes
  • Frosting (equal amounts of yellow, green, blue, and red)
  • Curling ribbon (varied colors)
  • Big tray or cake cardboard
  • Light blue wrapping paper
Balloon Cupcake Decoration

Wrap the cake cardboard with the wrapping paper and keep it in a flat surface (a table or kitchen countertop). Place the cupcakes in a platter and cover each one of them with different colored frosting. Gently transfer these vibrant colored cupcakes in the cardboard, maintaining some space between each piece. Cut the ribbon and place a piece at the bottom of each cupcakes. If possible, tie the other ends of the ribbon pieces together, so that they look like a bunch of balloons flying in the sky.
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