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Decorating Ideas for Tiny Cute Li'l Cupcakes

Cupcake Decorating Ideas
There are many simple techniques that will help you decorate cakes and make them fascinating. Even the most modest-looking cupcakes can be turned into tempting desserts using these decorating techniques. All you require are some cake decorating tools, edible colors, chocolate (Candy Melt), and an icing pen.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
Everyone loves cupcakes. It is one of the most favorite desserts of people belonging to all age groups. Now, if you wish to make a cupcake birthday cake or want to decorate your cakes restaurant style, then here are some of the best ideas that will be helpful to you.
Ideas for Cupcake Decoration
Swirl Cupcakes
It is the simplest and easiest form of cake decoration. You need a star-pointed icing pen, decorating bag and butter cream icing.

~Fill the decorating bag with icing.
~Hold the pen above the cup cake and pipe in the cream in spiral shape, starting from outer edge to the inner. Ease the pressure and pull the tip away.
~Now, make a second spiral at the center (not as wide as the previous). Stop, and pull it upwards straight away.
Ganache or Melted Chocolate
Ganache or Melted Chocolate Cupcakes
Ganache is a frosting made with chocolate and cream.

~Pour ganache or melted chocolate over the cupcake to cover completely. Let it set until it is firm.
~Refrigerate the remaining ganache so that it is thick enough to use for icing. Fill it in a piping bag to decorate the cupcake.
Center Filling
Center Filling Cupcakes
You will need a round-tipped icing pen, decorating bag and your favorite icing or jam.

~Fill the decorating bag with icing or jam.
~Insert the tip, from the top of the cupcake up to its center.
~Now, squeeze out some icing or jam. That's it! When you cut the cupcake into half or have a bite, you will find a delicious filling in the center.
Candy Clay Flowers
Candy Clay Flowers Cupcakes
For making these flowers, you will need candy clay, flower cutter, and icing pen. Candy clay can be prepared by melting 'Candy Melts', as per the directions on the package. Add corn syrup, stir and let it set on a sheet, overnight. You can use different colors to make colorful flowers.

~Trace shapes of flowers on candy clay and cut them, using a flower cutter.
~Stick the flowers on the top of the cupcakes with edible glue and decorate, using icing pens.
Fondant Covered Cupcakes
Fondant Covered Cupcakes

Fondants are made of sugar, water and edible color. The mixture is stirred, cooled and made into a soft-ball stage. It can be rolled into sheets to cover the entire cupcake.

~Cut the fondant in circular shape and draw facial features on it with the icing pen.
~Stick the fondant on your cupcake with edible glue.


~Cut white colored fondant into circular shape.
~Fill the decorating bag with colorful icing and make different designs.
Whipped Cream Icing
Whipped Cream Icing Cupcakes
~Mix whipped cream with sugar and beat it. Stop beating when stiff peaks are formed.
~Allow this mixture to cool in the refrigerator.
~Put the mixture on top of the cupcake and allow it to cool, once more.
~When it is cooled, put chopped fruits like strawberries, cherries or nuts on the cream and your decorated cupcake is ready to serve.
Choosing the right color, is the key to make your cupcakes attractive and tempting. Always remember that icing and decoration on cakes should be done only after the cakes are cooled. This way, the color and icing will be perfectly set. Numerous designs can be made using these techniques. Once you master these techniques, you can be creative and make your own designs. Try out these cupcake decorating ideas and have fun!
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