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Different Types of Cream Substitutes

Saptakee Sengupta Nov 26, 2018
When you know the substitutes of cream, then you can easily use them in absence of cream. We have explained you the recipes and the process of making cream substitutes.
Cream is one of those ingredients used frequently for cooking numerous variety of food items. You must have experienced this situation wherein you miss one or more ingredients while cooking either due to its absence in your kitchen or simply because you forget to add it.
Therefore if we know the alternatives for those ingredients, then perhaps we will not have to make a compromise with the taste of the food. Here we shall present to you the different types of substitutes of cream.

Cream Substitute in Cooking

We use cream for garnishing coffee, making pizza, cake, brownies, chicken and various other types of recipes. For few specific recipes cream is the key ingredient, without which the taste of the food gets altered.
While making a substitute you should know the exact quantity of the ingredients needed to achieve the exact taste and consistency of cream. Furthermore, you choose the ingredients according to the type of cream you need for cooking. It can be cream of tartar, light cream, sour cream, whipped cream or heavy cream. Have a look.

For Heavy Cream

  • You can substitute 1 cup of heavy cream with 160 ml of whole milk and 75 grams of melted unsalted butter.
  • Mix the ingredients to get the exact composition of heavy cream.
  • Another option is to mix thickened skimmed milk with all-purpose flour or cornstarch.
  • You can also mix 250 grams of fat-free cottage cheese with 4 tablespoons of powdered milk to make its consistency similar to that of heavy cream.
  • You can use these substitutes to prepare baked dishes, soups and gravies.
  • For a ready-made substitute, purchase coconut cream, soft tofu or ricotta cheese as substitutes for heavy cream.

For Whipped Cream

  • To make low-fat whipped cream substitute, you have to mix 5 ounce of evaporated milk with 2 tsp cold water, 2 tsp sugar, 3 tsp corn or safflower oil and 1 tsp unflavored gelatin.
  • Pour water in a pan and add gelatin to it. Heat until the gelatin dissolves completely.
  • Allow the mixture to cool. Now beat the milk until it becomes little thick.
  • Add sugar, oil and gelatin mixture to milk.
  • Continue beating until it forms a smooth paste. Freeze it for 10 minutes for better consistency.

For Sour Cream

  • You will require 1 cup of buttermilk and half cup of butter to make the best substitute for sour cream.
  • Mix these ingredients in a cup and whisk to form a smooth paste.
  • To keep the fat percentage low, you can mix 4 tsps of buttermilk powder, half cup of gelatin and fat-free yogurt with 1 cup of skimmed milk.
  • Heat the milk in a saucepan and add buttermilk powder.
  • Now sprinkle unflavored gelatin until it dissolves completely. Turn off the heat and then add yogurt.
  • Allow the mixture to cool and then refrigerate for 1 hour.

For Light Cream

  • To make a substitute for 1 cup of light cream, you can mix 200 ml of whole milk with 35 grams of melted butter or margarine.
  • You can also make the substitute with 1 cup of undiluted evaporated milk.
  • If you need to whip the cream before adding, then you can prepare it by adding 3 teaspoons of unsalted melted butter to half cup of heavy cream and whole milk.
  • Combine the ingredients and whip thoroughly.
  • In this process, you simply alter the consistency of heavy cream.
  • This the ideal recipe for making creams for coffee.

For Cream of Tartar

  • There is no specific alternative for cream of tartar.
  • All you can do is, mix one-eighth teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to one egg white.
  • Add sweetener to melt down the tangy flavor.
  • Or combine 1 tsp with baking powder for half teaspoon for cream of tartar.
  • However, add the substitutes only if its needed, else you can leave the cream of tartar from the recipe.
If you are allergic towards milk, then you can use soy milk or silk tofu. You can refer to these substitutes in absence of cream. Add the ingredients carefully and in exact quantity to make a perfect homemade cream substitute, rich in texture and taste.