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Really Innovative Chocolate Fountain Ideas to Impress Everyone

Medha Godbole Mar 12, 2019
There are umpteen yummy and tempting chocolate fountain ideas waiting for you to pick them up and implement them. Dip in the text here for a great treat!
There would hardly be anyone in the world who would not be loving chocolate. This is especially true for the fairer sex! You may try, but you may be in for tough luck! Never mind, the point is that it is absolutely irresistible.
To add to it, as if the Swiss chocolates and the Hershey's kisses were not enough for chocolate maniacs, the recent addition to the 'chocolaty' bandwagon is the fountains to make us lovers go crazier! It is basically melted, liquid chocolate oozing out in a fountain-like shape.
It is a constant hit at occasions, like parties, weddings, or any kind of celebration. It is absolutely yummy and tantalizing. It is perfect for dipping fruits, like marshmallows and strawberries or simply on a plain vanilla ice cream!

For Appetizers

There is a caboodle of appetizer ideas to go with this yummy fountain. To begin with, there are these delicious fruits, like marsh mellows, strawberries, pineapple, cherries, and blue berries.
Another thing you can dig into are cereal bars, which are perfect for dipping into the fountain. Plain pound cake or cup cakes and cookies too, make for fabulous appetizers. If all this is not enough, you have donuts, waffles,brownies, or even potato chips are great appetizers, which can add zing to the flowing dessert.
Carrots or even celery sticks are good to dig in. Just innovate and think of what can fit well with the warm liquid, and you can have many more dipping ideas!

For Kids

Visual effects immediately attracts the attention of the children. For them, it is the color that works miracles. Normally, people go for the milk flavor, but if you ask for, you may get green lemon or pink or the likes.
If it is possible, try to check out how different colors mix together when they melt and incorporate that color in the fountain. Well, that was about the color. Further, you can have nice flavors for kids.
You can have fruits mentioned earlier for the flavor or dry fruits, or even mint and coffee to make it more palatable. Nachos, graham crackers, and peanut butter cookies for teaming up can be an instant hit with the kids.

Some More Ideas

Quite a few times if you ask, the suppliers do have different types of chocolate, like Belgian or even caramel or any other kind of melted dips.
Apart from this, one of the out-of-box food ideas is to keep it with a barbecue. It is perfect for outdoor venues. Add bread sticks, pretzels, tortilla chips to the ensemble, and what you get is a fabulous party or get together!
Eventually, all this is fine, but it is always advisable to have a professional to tend to the fountain. This will ensure that the area around the fountain is clean, the chocolate is flowing properly, and overall maintenance of the set up is proper. Also, keep toothpicks, forks, and skewers for the guests to facilitate a mess-free dipping in the fountain.
Try out these things and innovate, and you would find that there is no dearth of amazing things to dip in the chocolate fountain!
Have a melting hot time!