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Tasteful Chocolate Fondue Dippers

Sonia Nair Mar 12, 2019
Are you planning to organize a chocolate fondue party? This article provides information about some popular chocolate fondue dippers.
A chocolate fondue can be an ideal dessert option for any party. You may replace traditional desserts, like cakes and pies with chocolate fondue, which is equally delicious and enjoyable. It is a common misconception that, serving chocolate fondue at home is very difficult.
In fact, it is one of the simplest desserts that can impress your guests. However, due care must be taken, while preparing and presenting the fondue. If you want to serve chocolate fondue, you need fondue pots with heating arrangements, forks, and dippers.

What is a Chocolate Fondue?

In order to organize a fondue party, you must have a basic understanding about the dish, the utensils needed for preparing it, and the accessories required for serving the same. A fondue can be defined as a dish, which is prepared in a special pot that is kept over a small burner or heat source.
The diners share the dish, which is consumed by dipping bits of food in a warm, melted, sauce-like preparation in the pot. Even though, there is no substantial evidence regarding the origin of fondue; it is believed that, this dish originated during the sixteenth century in Switzerland.
It is said that, fondue was a peasant food, that was introduced as an easy way to use hard cheese and leftover bread. The modern-day fondue is said to be originated in Switzerland during the eighteenth century. It is also claimed that, the recipe appeared for the first time in a French recipe book in the mid twentieth century.
In short, fondue is a melted concoction, which is kept warm with the help of a heat source, so as to maintain its texture and consistency. It can be either savory or sweet, and is consumed with a wide range of foods, that are meant for dipping in the melted concoction.
Such foods are known as dippers, and if you are planning for a chocolate fondue party, you must have enough fondue dippers, that are best suited for the melted chocolate.
The melted concoction can be anything, like simple melted chocolate chips; or something complex, like chocolate with cream, butter and sugar. However, the flavor of the dippers must gel with the melted concoction.

Chocolate Fondue Dipper Ideas

For a chocolate fondue, you have to provide dippers that gel well with chocolate. Arrange the dippers in a colorful and attractive way.
● The most common and traditional chocolate fondue dippers are cakes and strawberries. Make sure to get fresh and ripe strawberries, and remove their green parts. Clean and dry them before serving. Cakes have to be cut into bite-sized cubes that do not fall apart easily, even after dipping in melted chocolate.
● Fruits, like kiwi, banana, blackberries, raspberries, oranges, grapes, melon, pear, and pineapple, can also be used as ideal chocolate fondue dippers.
Slices of firm and ripe bananas, half-inch thick slices of kiwifruit, wedges of peeled and seeded oranges and tangerines, and large berries, go well with chocolate.
● Other popular dippers are marshmallows, cookies, graham crackers, macaroons, cheesecake squares, granola bars, pretzel, gingerbread, rice krispies, waffles, brownies, toffees, and tea biscuits.
● Even dried fruits, like apricots, cherries, figs, dates, prunes, persimmons, and peaches, can be used as dippers for a chocolate fondue party.
You may also try some unconventional dippers, like potato chips, lady fingers, and cinnamon twists. Some people use crystallized ginger for this purpose. You can use your imagination and come up with unique and fantastic chocolate fondue dippers for your next fondue party.