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Chocolate Facts

Bidisha Mukherjee Nov 26, 2018
All of us irrespective of our age are curious to know about chocolate facts. We have shared with you some interesting chocolate facts and trivia. Read on to know more...
When we hear the word 'chocolate', we feel happy and it brings a bright smile on our face. People of all age group love chocolates. You will hardly come across people who do not love chocolates. It has an irresistible taste that can make even older adults behave like toddlers!
When we eat chocolates and are engrossed in enjoying its mouth-watering flavor, so many questions cross our mind about history of chocolate, like: 'who made the first chocolate', 'how is it made', 'is chocolate good for you' and so on. Let us unveil all these mysteries about our favorite food by learning some chocolate facts.

Chocolate Facts and Myths

Basically, chocolate is made from beans or seeds obtained from the pods of cacao tree. These beans are converted into chocolate liquor by drying, roasting and grinding. Then the chocolate liquor goes through a series of processing and finally we get the chocolate in its present form.
There several myths associated with chocolate and its adverse effect on health though it has many health benefits. Here are a few of them:
  • Research has found that when we eat chocolate, certain chemicals are released in our body that make us feel good. For which, it is considered as a natural anti depressant that can uplift our mood any moment.
  • Chocolate has a number of health benefits too. It gives us an enormous amount of energy. It has antioxidants that can reduce the chances of cancer and heart diseases.
  • Some people believe that chocolate is bad for health as it is rich in caffeine. The fact is that the caffeine content of chocolate is quite low as compared to coffee or tea. One chocolate bar contains hardly 5 to 10 mg of caffeine. It means almost one dozen of chocolate bars have the same amount of caffeine as in one cup of coffee.
  • Many people think that eating chocolates can cause them acne or aggravate its symptoms. It is a myth and there is no scientific evidence available to prove this claim.
  • There is a popular belief that eating chocolates is harmful for teeth and can cause dental cavities. This is a wrong assumption. Actually, it is the sugar content of the chocolate that is responsible for cavities.
  • The sugar present in any food substance can cause the same kind of damage to your teeth. Rather, cocoa butter present in chocolate prevents plaque formation.

Chocolate Facts for Kids

All children are fond of chocolates. They have a curiosity to know interesting facts about chocolate. Here are a few fun facts for them: 
  • The first chocolate bar was manufactured in England by Cadbury in the year 1842.
  • In all, there are 500 different varieties of flavors of chocolate. Milk chocolate is the favorite for maximum number of people in the world.
  • As per the Guinness World Book of Records, the largest chocolate bar in the world was made by Elah-Dufour United Food Companies of Italy in the year 2000 and it weighted about 5000 pounds!
  • When we eat chocolate, it melts inside our mouth mainly because the melting point of cocoa butter present in it is slightly lower than our normal body temperature.
  • Studies on world's total chocolate consumption has revealed that on an average every individual consumes about 12 pounds of chocolate in a year. Among them, Swiss people eat maximum chocolates in the world. On an average, every Swiss eats 19 pounds of chocolate every year.
After reading these chocolate facts you must be feeling like grabbing one right now! It is said that if you buy a chocolate bar today, you can safely eat it even after a year. Now the question is 'can you keep a chocolate at home without eating it?'