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Chicken Fajita Recipes

Chicken Fajita Recipes

Originally a beef-based dish, fajitas are now made in different versions. Here are some fajita recipes that are prepared with chicken.
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Fajitas consist of meat that is wrapped with tortillas made of flour or corn. Even tortillas made of whole wheat or other whole grains can be used. The meat is grilled, or cooked in other ways, along with bell peppers and onions. Even condiments like cheese and sour cream are served with fajitas.
Easy Chicken Fajita Recipe
Homemade Chicken Fajitas with Vegetables
  • Chicken breasts - 2
  • Bell peppers - 2 (red and green)
  • White onion - 1 (large)
  • Jalapeno - 1
  • Garlic powder - ½ tsp.
  • Chili powder - 1 tbsp.
  • Olive oil - 1 tbsp.
  • Garlic cloves - 2
  • Flour tortillas - As per requirement
  • Salt - 1 tsp.
  • Salsa and sour cream - for serving
How to Prepare

Clean and cut the chicken breasts, along the grain of the meat, to make thin strips. You may also use ready-made, precooked chicken strips, but make sure that the strips are properly thawed before use. In that case, you have to use one pound of chicken strips. Peel and wash the onion and cut it into thin slices, after removing the roots. Wash the bell peppers, remove the seeds and stems, and cut into long strips. Cut the jalapeno into small pieces. Remove the skin of garlic cloves, and cut them into thin slices. Mix the jalapeno and garlic pieces with the sliced onion and peppers.

Cook the chicken till it turns golden brown. Take a skillet, and place it over medium heat. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil and as the oil gets heated, add the chicken strips. Stir the chicken strips, till they get lightly browned. Add the garlic powder, chili powder, and salt to the vegetable pieces and toss them in a bowl. Once the chicken strips are done, remove them from the skillet and keep aside. Add a little bit of olive oil and heat the vegetables in it. After a few minutes, add the chicken strips, and cover the skillet. Cook the contents till the vegetables get tender. Fajitas can be made bland or spicy. If you want to spice up this chicken fajita, add fajita flavoring. You can serve the chicken-vegetable mixture on warm tortillas, along with cheese, sour cream, and chopped cilantro.
Grilled Chicken Fajita
Chicken Fajitas
  • Chicken breasts (without skin and bones) - 8
  • Red peppers - 3
  • Green peppers - 3
  • Fresh cilantro - 3 bunches
  • Red onions (large) - 2
  • Vegetable oil - 2/3 cup and 4 tbsp. (to be kept separately)
  • Cumin - 6 tbsp.
  • Fresh lime juice - 2/3 cup
  • Garlic cloves - 2
  • Jalapeno peppers - 2
  • Kosher salt - 1 tbsp. and 1 tsp. (to be kept separately)
  • Ground pepper - 1 tbsp. and 1 tsp. (to be kept separately)
  • Tortillas, Cheese and Sour cream - as per requirement
Preparation Method

Wash and cut the peppers to half-inch strips and keep aside. Peel and slice the onions; rinse and chop the cilantro. Use the leaves and stems of two bunches for marinade. The chopped leaves of one bunch must be kept separately. Once done, place the chicken breasts between two plastic wraps, and flatten them with a rolling pin, to half-inch thickness. Prepare a smooth paste of jalapeno, cilantro stems and leaves (2 bunches), three tablespoons cumin, 2/3 cup oil, lime juice, one tablespoon each of salt, pepper, and garlic. Use a blender for making this paste. Place the flattened chicken breasts in a plastic storage bag with one gallon capacity. Add the paste to the plastic bag with chicken. Let the chicken pieces get evenly coated with the marinade. Keep the chicken breasts inside the refrigerator overnight, or at least for six hours. After that, take out the chicken, and let it reach room temperature, before grilling. Grill the chicken pieces and keep them aside. Take a skillet, and add two tablespoons of vegetable oil. As the oil gets hot, add sliced onions, along with a tablespoon of cumin and half a teaspoon each of salt and pepper. As the onions caramelize, remove from the skillet and keep aside. Cook the peppers in the skillet with two tablespoons vegetable oil, two tablespoons cumin, and half a teaspoon each of salt and pepper. As they get tender, remove and toss with onions. Cut the grilled chicken into strips and prepare the fajitas with the filling. Serve with cheese, sour cream, and chopped cilantro.
Mentioned above are two Mexican chicken fajita recipes, that can be tried at home. You may also try other variations or prepare these recipes differently. For example, you may also grill the vegetables, along with the chicken. Different fajita seasoning recipes may also be tried, for a different flavor.