Candy Decoration Ideas

Candy Decoration Ideas You'll Want to Steal Right Away

Candy decorations can be really creative and can add that much-needed color to a plain party. Read this article for some ideas that you can use to decorate candy.
Tastessence Staff
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Sweet, glossy, irresistible candy. Frosted, colored and delicious. Who can stay away from it? Haven't you ever dreamed of living in a land that's made of candy? Roald Dahl's, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was like a fantasy come true for its readers. And the 2005, Johnny Depp starrer of the same name, took the imaginations of all confectionery lovers to another level, with its stunning visuals and awesome depiction of Willy Wonka's factory. Trying to recreate the magic of candy decoration by using some fabulous candy decoration ideas, is what we shall attempt in this article. We'll never reach the same level, of course, but I'm sure we can have a mini-candy-masterpiece right within our homes!

How to Make Candy Decorations

Alright, let's see how we can go about making some fascinating decorations out of candy! Now when I say candy, I mean every possible sort of candy that you know and have access to. Colored candy drops, toffees, candy cane, colored chewing gums or bubble gums, sugar free hard candy (for the health conscious), lollipops, malted or chocolate eggs, jelly beans, gummy bears, waffle cones, licorice, candy floss, chocolate candy, etc. Just gather all the ones you can find and use them to make some delicious edible decorations! Follow the steps below to learn how to go about using candy to decorate your party table!
  • First, decide on a theme. If it's a birthday party, you can decide the theme according to the age of the child or adult. The same with wedding themes.
  • Once the theme is decided, you can decide upon what kind of candy decoration ideas you want to use. It could be according to the color scheme, or revolve around a topic or person or event.
  • Choose from the types of candy mentioned above, or get some of your own homemade white chocolate or candy to do the honors.
  • When you've got the candy and the theme, you'll know what other things you'll need, like trays or plates, or jars, etc. to bring the candy decoration ideas to life.
Decorations for Cakes
Here's a great cake decorating idea. Once you've baked the birthday cake and applied the layer of frosting on it, take some M&Ms (different colors or all in one color, your wish) and place them on the frosting while it's still a little wet. It'll keep them in place. Form a pattern using the candy. Border the cake with some fun colored licorice. Make a cartoon, a comic book character or just spell out the name of the birthday boy or girl. A candy decorated cake is also a great centerpiece idea for a wedding!

Using Trays
Using candy to decorate trays is one of the best ideas. Because trays and plates are much wider and broader than cakes, it gives you more room (literally) to explore your creative side. One idea is, you can recreate a fairy tale using frosting, candy sticks, waffle cones, biscuits, jelly beans, gold licorice, bread crumbs and edible people (the ones used on cakes, relax!). Yes, you guessed it right, Hansel and Gretel! Or you can make a candy centerpiece, which sends a message. Like if you're at an environment related meet, you can use a lot of green colored candy for a base of grass, to cover the entire tray. Use different colored jelly beans or chewing gums, etc. for making flowers. Use brown colored candy sticks with green candies to represent trees. With tiny flavored eggs, you can make a rock garden. So when you put all these together, you have a lovely scenery that depicts how beautiful the environment can be.

Jars and Pots
This is another great way to use candy to decorate almost any place! Could be your office desk, or your living room coffee table. Just take a transparent glass jar or pot. Go for an unusual and attractive shape, because it's a table decoration, so it should look unique. One way is to fill it with multi-colored, assorted candy. So when you put your hand in to get one out, you won't really know what you're going to get. Another thing that you can do is, take 3 or 4 different types, like jelly beans, M&Ms, chocolate nuggets, each in a different color. Fill the jar or pot in layers. That way, to get to one layer, you have to wait till the first one is done with. Nice tutorial for patience, isn't it?

That was all I had on the candy decoration ideas front, for now. If you have some other ideas, why don't you share them too? It is after all, a great food gift idea too! And then we can all rejoice and revel in the awesomeness that is the sugary, delectable to the extent of sinful, CANDY!
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