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Gorgeous Cake Decorating Ideas for Girls

Kritika Parwani Nov 28, 2018
The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a birthday party, or any party, is the delicious cake. Here are some unique cake decorating ideas for girls. Read on...
A birthday party, or any party for that matter, cannot be complete without a cake. Deciding on cake decorating ideas for girls can seem like a daunting task, however, it does not have to be so.
On the contrary, it is a lot of fun, as there are tons of ideas available. You do not have to stick to baking those boring round or square designs every year. No doubt they taste good, but it's important for them to be as visually appealing as much as they tickle your taste bud.

Easy Decorating Ideas

The key element in decorating a cake for girls, is to include something that they are interested in, or something that represents their personality. This will make it a more personalized design.

Fashion Accessories

Girls of any age are always interested in fashion. If you have a little fashionista at home, then this can be one of the most perfect ideas. You can either bake the delicacy in the shape of a purse, dress, shoes, or any other fun accessory.
A lipstick or an eyeshadow case would be something your girl or her friends will not forget. Try and include different-colored tiny candies and icings to make it more visually appealing.


Every girl loves horses, either little ponies or white majestic beautiful ones. There are endless options for baking, using the theme of 'my little pony'.
You can decorate it with white icing to denote unicorns, or if you are creative enough, even a stable with a horse in it! If you want a real challenge, then bake one with a girl riding a horse with real life colors in a beach or a pasture setting. In order to give the clothing, skin, and hair tones a real look, use gel food color.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

If your little girl is a movie buff, then one of the best ideas is a Hollywood walk of fame. You don't have to include lots of Hollywood star names for decorating, the idea is to make a replica of one star who she is a diehard fan of, or make the setting, and include your daughters name in it.

Fairy Tale

For girls, this cake is an evergreen option. Create one that is completely out of a fairy tale, with a castle, wishing well, and maybe even a frog waiting to be kissed, or a beautiful princess with her prince charming in a beautiful castle.
You can, in fact, keep a fairy tale theme for the birthday, and make the children dress up as their favorite fairy tale characters. By bringing your girl's favorite fairy tale to life, you will make this a birthday to remember.
Try and paint miniature characters from different stories for a more detailed and colorful effect. A great tip is to use decorating dust mixed with water and a little bit of vodka to paint details. You can also decorate it with different colored gems and candies to make it look even better.

Tea Parties

Every little girl loves having tea parties, so then what can be a better occasion to have a tea party than a birthday?
Instead of having one large cake, you can even have dozens of small ornate ones or even cupcakes to complement the tea party theme. They are easy to make, and there are a lot of ideas available to make them look and taste great. Another option is to bake a large one with pretty pink icing on white frost.
Customize all these decorating designs as per your taste and preferences. Whether you use chocolate, strawberry, or pineapple, use your creativity to create unique ideas complementing the party theme or the little girl's personality. Imagination and a little patience is reqired here!