Showstopper Cake Decorating Ideas to Get Everyone's Heart Racing

Cake Decorating Ideas
Who doesn't love a gooey, plump, and decorative piece of cake? Here are some tips and tricks that you can choose to decorate your cake.
Tastessence Staff
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
If you think having a home-baked cake is a thoughtful gesture on special occasions, then you should also know that making it look appealing and appetizing is also important. Cakes can be decorated into various patterns and designs depending on the choice of people or the theme of the party.

Floral Theme
The classic and the most popular are flowers on the cake. Floral patterns with enchanting pink and lavender flowers and green leaves make a perfect looking cake. Floral themes usually go with wedding cakes, anniversary cakes, or birthday cakes for girls, or mothers' day cakes.

Fun and Frolic
Fun themes make use of a lot of color, splash, and sparkle. Use of different shapes like, stars, circles, and balloons, in different colors, can help you make the perfect fun cake, which is perfect for almost any joyous occasion.

Cartoon Themes
Although kids love cakes of all sorts, what better way to surprise them is to have a cake in the shape of their favorite cartoon character. The cakes can be decorated either by drawing the characters or using the molds and ready-made icing figures. Cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck, Tom n Jerry, or Garfield will definitely make your kid cheerful.

Romantic Theme
Be it the Valentine's day, your wedding anniversary, or simply your sweetheart's birthday, a beautiful, romantic-looking cake is the best way to express your love. The decorations can include any soft-color icing, topped with some hearts, or even cupids for that matter. To add the final touch, you can use some sparkly candy sprinkles to woo your love.

Must-Have Utensils and Ingredients

Professional icing smoother: This is used in order to cover the cake with a uniform layer of icing, just like the ones at the Baker's shop.

Decorating molds: Decorating molds help you create fun shapes like triangles, stars, circles, and squares to the more complex ones like flowers, hearts, smiley faces, and cartoon characters. Some of these molds also have text imprints for numbers and alphabets that can help you personalize your decorations on the cake.

Icing bags: Icing bags enable you to create icing patterns on your cake. Using this is as simple as using a pen, you just have to apply a little pressure for the icing sugar to flow through the tip and then move it around to draw interesting shapes, borders or even write with it. Icing bags also come with specialized changeable tips that help you to create specific shapes like flowers, stars, and leaves.

Edible decorative sprinkles: Colorful and sparkly sprinkles can make for excellent decorating for your cake. These sprinkles can adorn your cake even if they are randomly spread on the surface of the cake.

Edible color sprays: Edible color sprays are very easy-to-use and can transform your humble cake into a vibrant and stunning one. You can also use it to create patterns of different types on your cake.

Cake stand: Finally a beautiful cake stand is a must to add the final touch to your cake decorations. Classic glass cake stands or ornamental cake stands can definitely add to the beauty of your delicious cake.

Things to Remember

Keep it simple and sweet: Decorating a cake can be a fun process but make sure that the end product has to look beautiful. Using too much color, and over-the-top ideas may not create the desired effect for your cake. Avoid using too many items for decorations. It is best to keep it simple.

Use the right colors: Remember that at the end of it, the cake has to look delicious. Use of strange color combinations can not only make the cake look less attractive but less appetizing as well.

Know your audience: The decoration of the cake has the suit the mood of the occasion or the party. For example a floral or ornamental topping with pinks and reds would be perfect for a girl. The types of color you choose, should be liked by the kind of people you are inviting for your party.
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