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Best Vodka Drinks

A List of the Best Vodka Drinks to Help You Choose the Finest

Any party is incomplete without an array of delicious looking cocktails for your guests. Here are some information on various drinks made out of vodka.
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If you're worried about what to serve at your party and are getting into a hopeless muddle about cocktails, mixers, and brands, fret not. The vodka drinks are simple to make. If you are looking for cocktail recipes, then you best bet is a bottle of vodka. Vodka-based drinks are hardly goes wrong since the spirit itself has little flavor of its own, though there are now myriad varieties of flavored vodkas on offer.
Vodka is generally a hit among women, but men too have their favorites, such as vodka and tonic. This spirit is one of the most commonly consumed drinks in a bar apart from whiskey and rum. Let us look at some cocktails that you can whip up using vodka.
Sex on the Beach
  • Vodka - 30 ml
  • Peach schnapps - 30 ml
  • Orange juice - 85 ml
  • Cranberry juice - 85 ml
  1. Fill a glass with crushed ice.
  2. Pour in the vodka and peach schnapps, then top with half orange and half cranberry juice.
  • Vodka - 90 ml
  • Triplesec - 90 ml
  • Lime juice (fresh) - 45 ml
  • Lime juice (bottled) - 45 ml
  • In a chilled cocktail shaker, place all the ingredients and shake well.
  • Strain into a glass filled with crushed ice.
In addition, there's the simple screwdriver which is simply vodka and orange juice, the basic but classic, vodka and tonic water, the famous vodka gimlet and of course the super glamorous Cosmopolitan, which was Carrie Bradshaw's drink of choice in Sex and the City.
All of these are good drinks to start with, though be warned, they do pack a hefty punch. With flavored vodkas now ruling the roost, you could also add a mixer of your choice to a measure of vodka - try cranberry juice with a peach or raspberry flavor of vodka, or sparkling water with a citrus flavored vodka. If you're confused about brands, here are some that you can choose from:
  • Skyy90
  • Belvedere
  • Finlandia
  • Ciroc
  • Reyka
  • Grey Goose
  • Absolut
  • Stolichnaya
There is a constant debate about which brand makes the best vodka in the world, and since individual tastes differ, there isn't really a clear winner. However, respected brands include Grey Goose, Chopin, Absolut, Boru and Belvedere among many more. Once you've gotten the hang of mixing drinks, you can start experimenting with different flavors and methods.
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