Bartending Tips and Tricks

Bartending is literally a 'cool' profession. Not only due to the fact that a bartender serves cool drinks in cool glasses to cool guests, but also because he needs to be of a cool temperament. Let me suggest you some bartending tips that would surely help you earn some good tips.
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Bartenders claim, "A Mojito a day, keeps all blues away". They are a bunch of Tom Collins who believe that they bring Paradise on earth by selling Martinis. Bartenders are professionals, however, fun blows like Sea Breeze in a bar at all times. Their Evening Prayer starts with a shot of Kamikaze, which gives them all the energy to work like a Zombie. They work as fast as Tom and Jerry and as swiftly as a Pink Squirrel. The Godfather of all bartenders is hard work, stamina and an original desire to work. The bartenders play around some bartending tricks which help them experiment with a few flavors and earn some extra favors.

"A bartender is a temporary pharmacist with a limited inventory". This is a quote by someone who, I am sure, is a regular drinker. Alcohol can make any Brave Bull lose his composure and a bartender needs to use this to his advantage. Whether he is a Caesar, a Churchill or a Wilson, a Caipiroska can give relief to all his woes. Why not cash on it by employing some easy tricks? (wink!)
Be a Good Observer
Be it any field, a good observer can always become an Alexander, I mean a winner. As soon as a guest enters, do all the possible calculations. Whether he looks like a Prince of Wales or a Cobbler, a quick glance at his dressing and his attitude would give you an idea of the weight in his wallet. If he has company, note how he behaves with his fellow mates and more importantly, how they behave with him. And if he is with a woman, you can easily judge his status by his Pink Lady. This is one of the initial tips for bartending which can help you achieve your Golden Dream.
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Be a Good Listener
People drink either for merriment or to drive away gloom. A guest expects a bartender to listens to all the Hurricanes that he has lived through and provide a proper Painkiller. Believe me, if you can be patient and listen to all the boo-hooing of your guest, you are sure to earn those extra Golden Doublets. At times, a guest can burst like a Flaming Volcano and shower you with all the possible abuses, however, keep your calm as he needs a Wine Cooler rather than a sermon. A single guest needs a little extra attention as he is either a loner or a loser. You can easily turn him into a regular visitor (and thus a guaranteed source of income for you), by lending your ears for a few minutes. Drown him in a Cosmopolitan and watch your pockets fill!
Keep Yourself Updated
Keeping yourself updated is a cool bartending trick employed by most of the bartenders. A few minutes of newspaper reading daily can add to your face value greatly. Your conversation skills also play a major part in your popularity among all the Mickey Slims (drunken mates). Being updated also means being smart and stylish. You would not believe but a friend of mine changes his hairstyle as often as seven days. He spends quite a fortune on it just to be the Cheeky Vimto of all his Ruby Dutchesses. The way you carry yourself speaks volumes about your confidence. So make it a point to look good, or rather fresh, at all times. And obviously, I need not mention that you have to be updated with the latest beverages and drink recipes. Winning over a lass would be a piece of cake, believe me.
Bar Condiments
Bar Condiments
Gift of the Gab
Employ it on limited people. Choose the people who would interest you, it would obviously include important guests and pretty damsels, and put your knowledge to full use. Always remember, a good conversation can turn into a gold mine if you play your cards carefully. You need to be alert initially, however, as soon as the guest has gulped a few Screwdrivers down his throat, you can relax. Sound convincing in whatever you say and watch him dance to your tunes! Make sure that you are the Man O'War and fulfill the demands of all the guests, however busy you might be.
Freebies for a Few
A free drink is always a welcome treat. Bartenders use this cool bartending trick to win the hearts of many. Whether it's a B52 or just a plain Blue Lagoon, a free drink or an extra peg is always returned with a heavy tip. Do it while your boss is out of sight and make sure you give it to the right people at the right time. A few flairing tips will always add up to your advantage. Entice your White Lady with a classic Margarita or a gang of college goers with a couple of Mind Erasers. A birthday party can be lighted up with some Flaming Lamborghinis while a White Russian would be perfect for an overworked gentleman.
Bar Tools
Bar Tools
Are you ready to employ all the above bartending tips to become a Bishop of all bartenders? I hope you will appreciate my efforts in bringing together all the possible names of cocktails in my article. Let me tell you that I have made most of them and tasted nearly all of them and have come to the conclusion that it is after all, fun to be a bartender. So, the next time you visit a bar and order for an L.I.I.T. (Long Island Iced Tea), who should you think of? Obviously, me!
Mojito Cocktail
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Mojito Cocktail In A Tall Glass